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The Explorer

Forward is the only motion that matters

Photo by Billy Pasco on Unsplash

If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I can achieve it. — Muhammad Ali

The Explorer

2022, Henery X ©

The imagination is a journey, not a destination. And the further we’re willing to travel, the more mysteries we’ll unravel. Sights and sounds, meant to break new ground, most will say how profound, while I’ll forever say it’s just wisdom that was destined to be found. It’s all about who’ll find it first, and have the rest of the crowd disburse. All on a mission to outdo what’s already been done, the average person doesn’t like to be labeled second to anyone. But I say being in second place is better than being in no place, because you’re not even in the race. Against time, against the darkness that’s about to overtake your shine. See, it’s never about what we’ve done, it’s all about what we continue to do. So, is it a moment in time that you chase, or is it immortality that you constantly pursue?

It’s the one thing you can control. You are responsible for how people remember you — or don’t. So don’t take it lightly. — Kobe Bryant

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my offering.

Remember. I’m not here to convince you to believe. I’m here to offer you something else to consider.

May we never lose our desire to outdo what we’ve already done.

Peace, Love, and the utmost Respect.

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