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The Bigger Picture (Part 3)

A short story

A world without women would be no world because women are the world.-Henery X

The Bigger Picture (Part 3)

2023, Henery X ©

Sixteen years later…

Fifty-nine-year-old Martin Jones had days before he would breathe his last breath, and this revelation left his beloved daughter, Ada, devastated. When she heard about this news, she ended her vacation in Hawaii to be by her father’s side. Colon cancer was the culprit responsible for turning a once mighty man into a shell of himself. He informed his wife that he didn’t want to spend his last days in a hospital, so she made all the arrangements for him to be at home.

“Where’s our baby girl, Sahara?” Martin said. Each word seemed as if it took so much for him to say.

“She’s on her way, my love,” Sahara said somberly. She sat in a chair beside her husband’s bed and held his frail hand.

“I’m sorry I have to leave you, Sahara.”

“Don’t worry about that, Martin. I could never blame you for something that’s beyond your control.”

Sahara’s words brought a weak smile to Martin’s unusually wrinkled face. He appeared older than he was and this directly resulted from the cancer that was ending his life.

Ada rushed into the room and to the opposite side of her father’s bed. She was crying uncontrollably, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and laid her head against his.

“I got here as fast as I could, Father.”

“My sweet Ada. You are our Queen.”

“Oh, Father. I still need you.”

“No, no. Don’t think like that, darling. I will always be with you. This is just a transitional stage we all must go through. I’ll visit you in the rainbow. Always remember, I’ll visit you in the rainbow.”

“I’ll never forget, Father.”

Three days later, Martin Jones officially became an ancestor. Like it had been at his father’s funeral, many people paid their last respects to the man they all loved and admired. He had been responsible for employing hundreds of people locally, as well as in nearby cities.

During the burial proceedings, it rained. And only Ada could see the beautiful purple and gold showers. She looked on in amazement. Only Ada saw the magnificent rainbow that appeared following the rain. She informed her mother that it was time for her to meet the ancestors, and then she walked towards the rainbow.

“May the Queen’s reign be everlasting. Long live the Queen. Long live the Queen,” the ancestors said in unison. They were all down on one bent knee. Before the group were her father and grandfather, who both glanced up and winked at her. Everyone rose to their feet and stared lovingly at their young Queen.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all,” Ada said. “Especially you, Grandfather. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about you. You’re one of my many heroes.”

“The pleasure is all mine, my Queen,” Jackson Jones said.

“So, my Queen. What are your plans to enhance the kingdom?” A woman said. She looked as if she was wisdom itself. Her eyes were full of life as they smiled at Ada.

“As I know, you all know, seeing you’re always watching over me, I’ve secured a degree in business. I intend to use the degree to create more employment opportunities for our people. I also have plans to invest in the ideas of people who desire to be entrepreneurs.”

“I love how your mind works, my Queen,” the lady said.

“Thank you, Elder. My father raised me well.”

“Indeed he did,” everyone said in unison.

“I have so many questions.”

“And you’ll receive all the answers in due time, my Queen,” Martin said. “Just be patient and focus on the farm. The farm is our kingdom. Never forget this.”

“Yes, Father. I shall never forget.”

“We must go now, Ada. We all love you.”

“I love you all as well. Thank you for always having my back. I feel your presence more than ever now.”

And with that, the rainbow and the ancestors were gone.

Ada, who now owned the home she was raised in, was sitting with her mother on the front porch. They were on the swing bench.

“Mother, I love you,” Ada whispered. She held her mother’s hand as her head rested on her shoulder.

“I love you as well, daughter of mine. So, are you going to share with me what you saw and heard earlier?” Sahara said.

“I saw everyone, Mother, including Grandfather.”

“Oh, my. I can only imagine how that left you feeling.”

Ada was smiling uncontrollably. “It was a dream come true, Mother. I admire him so much. I just wish I could have experienced his presence when I was younger. Him and father together… wow!”

“It would have been something for sure. Your grandfather was a great man here on this plane of existence. Like your father, he helped to change the lives of many. Men like them are rare.”

“But we as women can change that fact, Mother. Seeing we give birth, we can bring forth what we desire. If we want kings and queens, then we must act as queens, and demand our men act as kings. It starts, continues, and will end with changing the mindset.”

“Talk to me, my Queen.”

Ada giggled. “Yes, once we change our thinking, we’ll change our conditions. And once our conditions change, we’ll live life as it was intended to be lived. I will be a living example of the change we deserve and desire.”

“Spoken like the daughter of royalty. And you know I’m here to assist you in any manner required.”

“I know, Mother. And no matter what, you’ll always be my Queen.”

“How sweet, daughter of mine,” Sahara said lovingly.

To be continued.

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my offering. May all you deserve and desire flow abundantly into your life, as a river does into a sea.

Remember. I’m not here to convince you to believe. I’m here to offer you something else to consider.

Continue to be a lighthouse for all those who feel lost in the sea of life.

May we never lose our desire to outdo what we’ve already done.

Peace, Love, and the utmost Respect.

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