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The Art Of Love (Part 2)

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

A short story

Photo by Fray Bekele on Unsplash

I was blinded by her beauty, and now I’m guided by her love.-Henery X

The Art Of Love

2023, Henery X ©

“Girl, Speak Your Piece was off the chain last night,” Stacy said. She was lounging in the executive chair she regarded as her throne, looking stunning as usual.

“I concur, sister friend,” Lovely said.

“So, what’s up with you and William?”

“There is no me and William.”

“Girl, stop playing.”

Lovely smiled, “He’s supposed to be coming by today so we can talk.”

“He’s fine. I can see you two creating some beautiful babies together.”

Lovely giggled, “You could see something like that, Stacy. With your romantic self,” she and Stacy laughed.

“Well, here comes your potential baby daddy now.”

“Stacy!” Lovely said between clenched teeth. They both laughed.

William was strolling towards them, looking as though he were a G Q model. He defined the phrase, “dressed to impress,” to the letter. As he walked, he was checking out the impressive receptionist area. And Lovely and Stacy were checking him out, both smiling as they did so.

“Greetings, Ladies,” William said cheerfully.

Lovely and Stacy acknowledged William in their own manner.

“So. Do you have the time to talk now, Lovely?”

“Sure. Let’s go to my office.” Lovely and William began walking side by side.

“I love how you have the reception area set up, Lovely. Giving the artist their own space was genius.”

“Thank you, William. But I cannot take credit for that. It was my father’s idea. He calls it the ultimate form of giving back, seeing he never charged them to occupy the space and allowed them to keep all they made from their creations. We only get a percentage of the sales from anything of theirs in the art gallery upstairs.”

“Wow! Your father seems like a great man.”

“He’s the best man I know.”

They made it to Lovely’s office, which was also her art studio. The interior of the space was simply magnificent. It looked more like an apartment than an art studio. There was everything that made it a pleasant home away from home. Her father had initially modified the space in question, and shortly after she had claimed ownership, she made her own relevant changes.

She and William sat on a cushy leather sectional sofa.

“So, seeing you know so much about me, William. Why don’t you tell me about yourself.”

William chuckled, “Granted. Kiss told me a lot about you but, she didn’t tell me everything. She truly loves you, Lovely.”

“And I love her as well. She’s the sister I always prayed I had. Anywho. Back to you.”

“Alright. I’m twenty-seven-years young. I was born, raised, and still live in Champaign, Illinois. I’m not married. I’m not dating. I don’t have any children. I graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in business. And like yourself, I’m an artist.”

“Very interesting. So, are you any good? I mean, as an artist.”

“I’ll let you decide.”

William pulled out his phone, clicked on his gallery, and then handed the phone to Lovely. She began scrolling through photos of his artwork, and she was smiling.

“Wow! You’re a phenomenal artist, William.”

“Thank you, Lovely.”

“So, how is it that a handsome, intelligent, talented man such as yourself is single?”

“So, you think I’m handsome, huh?”

Lovely smiled, “I do. But could you focus on answering my question, please?”

William chuckled, “But of course. Well, it’s not because of a lack of effort on my part. I’ve dated several successful, intelligent, beautiful women. The problem came about when they didn’t find interest in my love of painting.”


“Yes. I’d start talking about my next project and I could see the disinterest in their eyes. And then they’d all eventually say, in some manner, that what I loved doing was not an actual career.”

“Wow! That’s very interesting, William. Your reason is the reason I’m single as well. The men I dated didn’t get me. They didn’t share in my excitement about the love of the craft.”

“Exactly, Lovely.”

“You get me,” they said simultaneously.

As William and Lovely stared into one another’s eyes, they were smiling.

“I’m so glad we had this talk, William. I’m looking forward to getting to know you much better.”


Lovely chuckled, “Really, William.”

“You just made my day, Lovely. Are you available for dinner tonight?”


“Have you heard of Lucy’s, which is located down the street from Palace Of Perfection?”

“But of course. E’ and I have dined there several times, and I’m acquainted with Lucy as well.”

“Of course you know the restaurant and its owner. I should have known better. Anywho. How’s nine o’clock sound?”

“Sounds like a date to me,” Lovely said cheerfully.

Lovely opened up William’s contacts and added her information. She then handed him back his phone.

“I just put my number and address in your contacts. If you’d like, you can take a photo of me to add as well.”

“Don’t need to ask me twice.”

William pointed his phone at Lovely, who offered a spectacular smile.

“Got it. You’re absolutely gorgeous.”

“So, you think I’m gorgeous, huh?” Lovely said cheerfully. She and William laughed.


Edwina was at Lovely’s home, which was on the east side of Detroit. They were in Lovely’s bedroom. Edwina was sitting on the mattress of the queen size bed, while Lovely was getting ready for her date with William.

“I’m so excited for you two, L’,” Edwina said.

“He’s definitely not what I’m used to, E’. He actually loves the craft as much as I do.” How did you two meet?”

“He didn’t tell you, huh?”

“He didn’t. And I didn’t ask. Girl, after he told me why he was single, I really didn’t need to hear anything else. His reason was the same as mine. I felt as if the universe had brought us together.”

“Why thank you for regarding me as the universe, L’,” Edwina said playfully. She and Lovely laughed. “Anywho. William and I met at a local art gallery in our hometown of Champaign. They allowed local artists to showcase their work, and he and I took full advantage of such an opportunity. We were admiring the same painting, and he asked my thoughts. After we exchanged perspectives, we began telling each other about ourselves. We exchanged numbers and have been like brother and sister ever since.”

“So, he never attempted to date you?”

“Oh, no. He viewed me with brotherly eyes on day one. Besides, I told him all about Prince. So, he knew he didn’t stand a chance.”

“So, when are you and your Prince going to get married?”

“Soon. You’re going to be my maid of honor, right?”

“What! Me? I mean. I thought you’d ask someone you’ve known longer, like Cutie, for example.”

“I love Cutie. She’s my girl. She’s one of my sister friends. But Lovely, she’s not you. I regard you as the sister I prayed I had.”

Lovely began crying, “I feel the same way about you, E’. Good thing I don’t wear makeup, huh?” They both laughed. “I would be honored to be your maid of honor.”

The two women hugged.

“Now, let me finish getting ready.”

Edwina went and sat back on the bed, as Lovely continued to get ready for her date with William.

“Maybe I’ll be able to return the favor, L’,” Edwina said cheerfully.

Lovely smiled at the thought of herself getting married, which was something she thought would never happen.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of The Art Of Love

Note: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person, place, or thing was done unintentionally.

You’re a sight unseen. A vision. A dream. A Goddess masquerading as a Queen.-Henery X

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my offering. May all you deserve and desire flow abundantly into your life, as a river does into a sea.

Remember. I’m not here to convince you to believe. I’m here to offer you something else to consider.

May we never lose our desire to outdo what we’ve already done.

Continue to be a lighthouse for all those who feel lost in the sea of life.

Peace, Love, and the utmost Respect.

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