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How To Be Successful On Any Social Media Platform

It Worked For Me, And It Can Work For You As Well

The Intro

With everything we do, there’s a process that must be respected. The said process consists of steps, each one is meant to not only lead us to the next but just as importantly, to help us comprehend it as well. We waste time when we attempt to skip steps because we’ll be made to go back and repeat the process, from the very beginning. Patience is a friend we should have a strong desire to establish an intimate relationship with, seeing where it’s not present, failure awaits patiently.

Step One: Love

When what we do is done from the heart, it’ll be kind of hard for it not to be heartfelt. When possible, make should make our offerings be about helping others to be their best. We tend to not forget people who helped us, especially in our time of need. Take, for example, this very piece. I took my time and donated it to creating something with the hopes of helping people to be successful, on any social media platform. What we invest our time in a clear cut sign that nothing matters more than the very moment, seeing time is a commodity we can’t reclaim once it’s gone. I genuinely want us all to win, so everything I do reflects this fact, at all times. And for my unselfishness, I’ve built strong bonds with people throughout the world. Though I understand more often than not we get what we give, this is not why I do what I do. I do it because I can, and, because it’s the humane thing to do. See, when we do things with no expectations, this is when our blessings will flow abundantly into our lives.

Step Two: Acknowledgement

Acknowledging the presence of others, as well as our efforts, is among the greatest things we as humans could ever think to do. No one in their right mind wants to feel as though they don’t matter, in a world where everything seems to matter. We bring different versions of creativity to social media but what it all has in common is our need for people to acknowledge it, preferably in a positive manner. If we didn’t care about what people thought, why share the fruits of our labor on a social network? Where most of us get the game twisted is when we lose sight of the fact that what we seek, others do as well. We get so caught up in our mission, that we fail to pay attention to the missions of others. We can have the best product, provide the best service, or give the best performance in the world but if we don’t recognize the efforts of others, everything about us will eventually become irrelevant. When we take time and invest it in paying attention to what others are doing, more often than not, they’ll return the favor.

Step Three: Sincerity

Acknowledgment is awesome, no doubt. But there’s one sure fired way to receive the attention we seek, and this guarantee comes in the form of a compelling comment. Notice I said a compelling comment, which is one that lets the recipient understand we felt their effort accordingly. The only way this can happen is that undivided attention has to be paid to the offering, half-stepping will more than likely put us, and our efforts, in dim lighting. So, it’s advised we take time and donate it to paying close attention to what was done, and then show our appreciation by writing about what we felt. Nothing pleases a person more than reading words written that complement their effort, it’ll leave them eager to return the favor.

Step Four: A Great Attitude

A great attitude has been arguably responsible for more success than anything else known to humanity. A person with a mediocre work ethic and a great attitude, will more often than not be more appealing than a person with an impeccable work ethic, but a terrible attitude. We tend to want to be in the presence of people who make us feel good, this may be all they have to offer, and in some instances, it’ll be regarded as more than enough. The better we make people feel about themselves, the better people will feel about us. When we become a source of comfort in the hearts and minds of the people, they’ll be willing to show their gratitude by supporting everything we do. Being kind and courteous never hurt anyone, and it’s a way of being that pleases almost everyone.

Step Five: Consistency

Consistency is the key to all things. If everything I just made mention of isn’t consistently done, at the same time, all the time, we won’t be successful. I like to say that consistency is the glue that holds everything together but it’s not just any old glue, it’s the kind that never fails when utilized properly. Consistency properly carried out is like breathing or walking or talking, in other words, it’s done without pondering, it becomes like second nature. Anything that can be thought to do falls under the category of consistency, even consistency itself. We have to be consistent with being consistent, which means there can never be any slacking in our effort if we expect to succeed.


Our efforts should be geared towards helping others to be their best, this is a form of love most people will be grateful for. To be acknowledged on social media, we must be willing to offer acknowledgment. The said acknowledgment should come in the form of a compelling comment, which will show the recipient we truly utilized our time invested in observing their effort (s). Everything we do should be done with sincerity because it’s what we’d expect to receive, right? We can’t go wrong with a great attitude, it’s equivalent to always having the right amount of money, regardless of the situation. And if all the aforementioned things are done with uninterrupted consistency, our success will surely exceed our highest expectations.

Thank you for taking the time and donating it to reading my words, I hope they assist you in the manner they were created to do. May your success continue to exceed your highest expectations.

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