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Perfect Harmony

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

A Dialogue Between The Mind And The Spirit

Mind: “Hey, Spirit. You’re somewhat of a Genie, right?”

Spirit: “Not at all, Mind,” she chuckled, “I’m the reason things have a chance to happen.”

Mind: “Oh, I see. The reason I said what I said is that if I think it, believe it and put forth the effort, you’ll ensure that it’s done, right?”

Spirit: “I allow for opportunities to be taken advantage of. I have nothing to do with if they are or not. Look at it like this: You’re thirsty. I’m a refrigerator with cold things to drink in it. You have to think the thought to get up and go get something to drink, and our vessel has to comply with your thought.”

Mind: “Got it. So, if you weren’t around, would I be relevant?”

Spirit: “You wouldn’t. You couldn’t even exist without me. But in the same sense of logic without our vessel, I wouldn’t be relevant.”

Mind: “Really, Spirit? Please, elaborate.”

Spirit: “Well, I’ll put it to you like this. A radio has nothing but potential without energy, but add energy, and it can serve its purpose, which is to make a sound. Your purpose is to make decisions. Mine is to ensure they have an opportunity to be taken advantage of, and our vessel ensures that they’re carried out.”

Mind: “I see, so, one without the other makes the mission impossible?”

Spirit: “Exactly, my friend.”

Mind: “So the vessel is like the vehicle, and we’re the passengers?”

Spirit: “You got it, buddy.”

Mind: “So, who’s behind the wheel?”

Spirit: “Why you are of course.”

Mind: “Well, if I’m the one driving, why don’t we always end up where I want us to go?”

Spirit: “Because unlike me, you don’t have a specific purpose. Well, you do, and you don’t. Your primary purpose is to make decisions, but there are countless decisions for you to make. My purpose is to ensure that decisions have the opportunity to be taken advantage of, period.”

Mind: “Seems like you should be driving.”

Spirit: “Not a part of my purpose.”

Mind: “Well, you should at least tell me when I’m about to make a wrong decision.”

Spirit: “Not a part of my purpose, Mind. Once you have matured enough, you’ll make better decisions. The decisions you’re making now are going to lead you to make better ones once you’ve learned from them, that is. Only experience can teach you what you don’t know, got it?”

Mind: “Yeah, I guess. I’m responsible for making better choices, and better choices come from learning from the not-so-favorable ones, right?”

Spirit: “You got it, Mind. Perfect harmony is when you, I, and our vessel work as one. When we’re all in sync with one another, the real magic happens. The type of magic that inspires other magicians.”

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