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Work Smarter

Multiple Minds Are Better Than One

Dream Team

I’ve discovered the easiest way to get a difficult task accomplished is to involve as many people as possible, but not just any people. Random people could end up complicating the situation more, so it’ll take a special breed. I’m referring to proven problem solvers, individuals who eat adversity for breakfast and wash it down, with a tall glass of confidence. Those people who make winning big, seem like it’s child’s play. The ones who work well alone, but thrive more as a team player. Those who went through the trials and tribulations, and the wisdom they acquired via perseverance, is the reason for their success. The go-getters. The trendsetters. The innovators. The motivators.  

Process Of Elimination 

There’s always the “specific” solution to every problem, which will require some serious pondering to reach. The primary objective is to morally achieve the goal, how it’s eventually achieved, should never be an issue. So, each team member should privately work on an individual solution, this will push creativity to its brink. When everyone has completed the task, each individual should be allowed to read their suggestions aloud. Whichever one makes the most logical sense, is the one that should receive the honor. Or if bits and pieces from multiple suggestions will work better, so it should be. Remember, the primary objective is to accomplish the goal as one. Thinking of the easiest way to do something, should always be the hardest work we ever desire to do.

Same Book, Same Page, Same Paragraph, Same Sentence 

Nothing of significance will ever be obtained overnight night, nor could one person ever be responsible for its eventual existence. It takes a team of like-minded individuals, who are always thinking the same thought…success. We must surround ourselves with individuals focused on winning, and not those whose only focus is how the win was won. Credit kings and queens will eventually leave our peace of mind in serious debt, they must be canceled out the second after their true colors are displayed. One person could never win (or lose) anything involving multiple people. Everyone involved played an important role in the success (or failure) of the endeavor.


Each team member is a leader of what they do best, there should never be a need for anyone to be looking over anyone else's shoulder. Remember, no one was randomly selected. Everyone present is highly regarded and is expected to perform at a level of unprecedented excellence. A true leader will never lead himself/herself astray by not doing what’s expected of them, they pride themselves on never being viewed as the weakest link.


Tell the team: Team! We are one. Working towards one goal, which is achieving success. We all have an important part to play. All that’s required is that we play said parts to the best of our ability. We need not worry about anything outside of playing our parts to the best of our ability. When our focus strays from our personal obligation, we jeopardize the overall objective, which again is achieving success. Whatever our part may be, it should be so perfected that we’ll never have a concern with being regarded as the weakest link. And if we all possess this type of mindset, at the same time, all the time, we’ll be the ultimate chain of success. 

Thank you for taking the time and investing it in reading my word. May your success continue to exceed your highest expectations.

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1 Comment

Henery X (long)
Henery X (long)
Oct 29, 2020

To all those who have read and liked this post, I thank you for your donation of time.

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