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Words Never Spoken

A Poem

I fell as if I’m on the brink of self-destruction,

my savior? A self-discussion.

Because who else can I trust,

when love is overshadowed by lust.

Money is hungry for souls,

so it makes those who no longer possess theirs play roles,

this is the end result of those with ambitious goals.

To strive,

to stay alive,

at the expense of your demise,

mouth full of lies,

but the eyes wear no disguise.

Look close into their window panes,

and you’ll see that nothing remains,

but heartache and pain,

what they gave away, they believe fortune can help them reclaim.

But it doesn’t work that way,

to practice patience after you pray,

is apart of the process of manifesting what it is you say.

Some lessons are last learned,

instruction manual well burned.

Besides, you never even gave it a glance,

when you were afforded a chance,

decided to sit out the dance.

With success,

thought you could get more by doing less,

but your thinking has left you in distress.

I observe your actions and deeds,

so I understand that your wants are really needs,

see fertile soil recognizes bad seeds.

So you and I will be separated like segregation,

peace of mind is my reparation,

on the other side of the mountain top is my destination.

This is not a miracle,

it’s a mental and spiritual.


designed to fix.

What’s broken,

and it’s from my archives of words never spoken.

I say the only thing better than reading words is hearing the written words being spoken. So, below is the audio version of Words Never Spoken. Thank you for taking the time and donating it to reading/listening to my words.

“If you forget everything else about me, I hope you remember my words.”-Henery X (long)

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