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Where There’s No Order…

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Can America Ever Be Great?


When I hear the phrase, “Let’s make America great again” I automatically scroll through my mental Rolodex in search of what leaders were actually out to make the said phrase a reality. Unfortunately, my search is always fruitless. History doesn’t lie, we just tend to lie to ourselves about what it reveals. What was great about slavery? What was great about lying about finding weapons of mass destruction, to start a war, with the intent and purpose of robbing the country attacked blind? What’s great about arguing over how much money people in need should receive, while the same people in need, are dying at alarming rates? The list is endless as to why America has never had an opportunity to ever be great. And at the rate things are going, it will never be allowed to be great either. We must never lose sight of the fact that America is a place, not a person. It’s people that make a place what it is or what it isn't. And the people who oversee the country in question are only great at being inhumane, which is just as contagious as the virus we all now do our best to avoid.

Greetings, Family.

I do my best to keep negativity from having any room to roam in my life but in some cases, it’s just unavoidable. The image accompanying this content was sent to me by someone who knows me and despite the fact, they know me. I never watch the news, why? Because others make it their mission to keep me well informed. When not being updated on all things negative by others, I see what’s going on when I do various Google searches, which have nothing to do with what’s going on. I just had to let it be known how the image in question came to be. Now, let me share with you why I felt the need to share it on my page.

We all should be familiar with the saying, “It’s best to be thought of as ignorant than to open our mouth and erase all doubt.” Well, this can somewhat be applied to the shameful events of yesterday, and from a personal perspective. We can think we’ll be safe from harm as we simply try to live a good life than to see with our own eyes that our thought couldn’t be more wrong.

Yesterday’s events showed me several things, but at the top of the list was that America is arguably the most dangerous place to be, in the world. Where there’s no order, chaos waits patiently. What good is leadership if it’s corrupt or just as worse, it’s not respected? Again family, be safe and extremely aware in this place we call home.

Matrix Mindset Broken.

Thank you for taking the time and donating it to reading my words. May all we deserve and desire flow abundantly into our lives like a river does into a sea.

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