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When Two Worlds Collide

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

I have yet to be amazed by the power of the mind, its capabilities are infinite, as well as extraordinary. I have a better understanding of thought, thinking, and the Spirit. When the thoughts we think are as near perfect as the Spirit is, our desires become a reality. To talk about things without proof that they're true is an opinion. To have proof about things You confess can happen is called the truth. Positive Energy 24/7 is the truth made manifest, it's a book God wanted to be written and He chose me to write it through. I don't say things to make myself sound slick, what I say is based on logic and reason. When we're in our right frame of mind, the Spirit will ensure we'll see what's in our mind's frame with our eyes and touch it with our hands. May your success continue to exceed your greatest expectations.

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