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What Am I To Do?

Sometimes The Truth Is Too Painful To Embrace

I offered her the key to my kingdom, which consists of my mind, heart, and soul/but she’s more in love with rubies, diamonds, and gold. What is a King to do, when his Queen/is more into material things? Should I fight or should I flee?/Should I focus on what I feel, and ignore what I see? So many questions, but not enough answers/then I have exotic looking dancers. Dancing just for me/and who would give a vital organ to be where my beloved be. Would I be wrong to start to stop playing my part/when she’s been playing the part. Of the villain of late/can true love, really turn into deep hate?/Wait. I’m getting ahead of myself/her worth shares my shelf. But her shelf/is all about self. I’ve cried enough tears to swam away/, but I choose to stay/based on moments from back in the day. When our knowledge of one another was just first names/when I was too wild to tame/and she was so shy, it was a damn shame. But as we grew to know/, we became more comfortable to show. More and more/until who we use to be, we didn’t know anymore. I wanted to settle down/she wanted to play around/, and despite this fact, I still offered her the crown. So I ask myself, what am I do/continue being fake, or start acting as if she’s someone I never really knew?

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