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We Never Forget Those Who Showed They Care

In Our Time Of Need Are The Moments, And People Involved, We Remember The Most

“Help a hurt heart to heal, and a healed heart will never hurt you.”-Henery X (long)

Due to strong waves, Larry’s boat capsized in the middle of the ocean and eventually sinks. His life jacket is the only thing preventing him from suffering the same fate as his boat. Larry doesn’t have his cellphone because it was inconveniently sitting near the rear of the boat and in his panic, wasn’t primary. As he floats in the cold water, his mind is racing with all types of thoughts, mainly, will he be rescued.

As day turns to night, Larry’s thoughts turn less hopeful. He thinks how can someone find him when no one knows where he’s at. He begins to pray for a miracle he doesn’t believe will happen, which is blocking the very thing he desires.

Larry becomes hungry and thirsty because he hasn’t eaten since breakfast. This was just meant to be a trip to clear his head, something he did on numerous occasions. He never told anyone about these moments because he didn’t want others asking to tag along, now he wishes he had shared his plans.

Larry begins to cry as he accepts his fate, which he believes is to die in all this water and from thirst and starvation. But then in the distance, he hears a familiar sound, which is that of a boat engine. He turns in the direction of the sound but his sights, reveal no sign of what’s heard. But suddenly, Larry sees it, the nose of a fishing boat. He begins to wave your arms and scream as loud as he can, and his effort isn’t in vain.

Now Larry, the owner of the fishing boat, and the owner’s son are heading back to shore. Not only had Larry been rescued, but he was fed and given water, both of which he was very appreciative to have received.

Once on dry land, Larry thanked the man and his son again, as well as exchanged information with the man. He told him that if there ever came a time where he needed assistance, no matter the degree, to don’t hesitate to call.

Three years after the fact, Larry and a friend died in a plane crash. The plane was owned by the said friend, who was an excellent pilot but was very forgetful. He had intentions of having the engine checked after hearing a funny noise, but it slipped his mind, and this would end up being his final mishap.

During the reading of Larry’s will, the man who saved him from the ocean was present, and like Larry’s family members, he was puzzled as to why he was there. Unbeknown to anyone outside of his attorney, Larry rewrote his will the day after he was rescued from what he thought was his way to die. The attorney began to read Larry’s will….

“I, Larry James being of sound mind leave the bulk of my fortune to, Eric Nelson. Mister Nelson saved me from certain death and for this, I want to show my gratitude. So, ten million dollars is his to do with as he sees fit. The remainder of my wealth will be split up amongst the rest of the people present. Thank you, Eric.”

The attorney’s office was filled with all means of verbal displeasure, the only two people who weren’t talking were the attorney and Eric Nelson, who was too shocked to say a word.

The moral of the story is to never underestimate the power of helping someone in their time of need because this becomes a moment, they could never forget. We may regard our effort as just the right thing to do, while they may regard it as something we didn’t have to do.

Thank you for taking the time and donating it to reading my words. I hope that you were inspired in some shape, form, or fashion.

“The power of the right words, delivered at the right time, can produce a result like nothing else known. Never take words for granted because it could become a decision, you may live to regret.”-Henery X (long)

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