• Henery X (long)

We Must Honor Our Women

Love And Respect Is Due And Deserved

She is, and will forever be,

the most spectacular sight any pair of eyes will ever see.

Not only is she fine,

but her mind,

is just as divine.

Strong, in every sense of the word,

she needs to not only be seen but heard.

Because all she has to say,

is the most soothing sound of the day.

I’m referring to the Black woman, who I adore,

there’s no either-or,

and I will honor, cherish, respect, and protect her forevermore.

We, Africans in America, are a people who must grow to understand that we’re all in the same sinking boat. How can we regard one another as different, when we’re all seen as the same non-worthy people in the eyes of the very society we so desperately seek approval from? The type of mentality that keeps us at odds with one another, is the same mentality initiated over 500 years ago. How we think is a result of a systematic plan, which can only be destroyed by first acknowledging the said plan, and then by changing our thinking. We have to stop thinking that we’re not all regarded as non-worthy people in the eyes of the very society, we so desperately seek approval from.

How you may be wondering, can something that happened over 500 years ago still be so relevant in modern times? It’s because when something isn’t changed, it only gets worse. The systematic plan that’s intertwined with our DNA and that affects our thinking has to be destroyed by first acknowledging the said plan, and this will start the process of changing our thinking. We’re a nation within a nation, and no nation can rise higher than its woman, seeing that nations are birthed through the wombs of women. 

We African in America men must start treating our women with love and respect because until we do, no other men will treat them right. The acts of love and respect for our women should be easy, seeing that we have love and respect for women who resemble them. Do we not love and respect our mothers? Do we not love and respect our grandmothers? Do we not love and respect our sisters? Do we not love and respect our aunts? Well, all the other African in America women who are not related to us, have African in America men who love and respect them just as deeply. If we wouldn’t disrespect or tolerate others disrespecting women who share space in our hearts, we should have this same mentality when it comes to all other women who look like them as well. African in America men, our women have enough to worry about. We shouldn’t want to add to their stress, but be a source of comfort meant to put their minds at ease. 

We have to change the narrative. Self-hatred brings about hatred outside of self. No one will love or respect a person or a people, who don't have love and respect for themselves. We Africans in America are all in the same sinking boat. The only way we can live the life we deserve is by coming together and staying together. In our unified state egos and pride can't be apart of the process because they are a major part of the problem. We African in America men must begin to love, respect, cherish, and protect African in America women. When we do our part, the women in question will begin to feel better about themselves, and every other group of people will begin to do right by us all.

"Self-love is the best love. When we love ourselves unconditionally, we'll never allow anyone else to love us any less. And, we'll understand how to love and leave others accordingly."-Henery X (long)

Thank you for taking the time and donating it to reading my words. 

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