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We Have Talent. But What About Our Skills?

Talent Can Get Us Through The Door. But Skills Can Have Us Owning The Building

Photo by Tom Pottiger on Unsplash

Talent can get us through the door. But skills can have us owning the building- Henery X

Have you ever wondered how so many people can do the same thing but do it, oh so different? Case in point, LeBron James and Kevin Durant both play basketball. Both men have accomplished a lot thanks to their way of being in their profession. But how can they both be so successful at doing the same thing? How is it they’re both able to have a fan base the average spiritual being having a human experience isn’t afforded? It can’t be just the fact that they both play basketball because, though they are many other dominant players in the NBA, all the players aren’t at this level in their careers. So, what is it that separates the great ones from all the rest? It’s skills. Sure, every player in the NBA knows the fundamentals of the game but to achieve a certain level of excellence, fundamentals won’t get it done.

Perfect practice makes perfect. We must be diligent in our practice if we expect our performance to be perfect. Remember, perfection is a personal preference. Not saying it’s perfect because there’s always room for improvement, but that it’s ideal for us. What we have perfected, we feel comfortable sharing with others. People who do great things spend time and energy focused on attempting to outdo what they’ve already done. They’re never satisfied. Their work ethic would make the average individual run for the hills. We’re all talented at something and whatever that something may be, others are talented at it as well. What we do with our talent will either have us lost in a sea of potential super stars or standing out amid superstars, who all look to us for inspiration.

Skills derive from creativity. The more creative we are, the more attention we attract. Most people love to experience new things, especially if they’re a part of something they love. Basketball fans love to see their favorite player introduce a new move on the court. Music lovers love to hear a song win out over one they once regarded as their all-time favorite. Food critics love to taste a new dish from one of their favorite chefs. Creativity is the foundation skills sit atop, but it’s past accomplishments that activate creativity.

Be it personal experience or the experience of others, some creation has been responsible for others’ creativity. When we see or hear something has been done, we think we can do it again, but just a tad bit better. So, we begin the process of making our belief a reality. And once we accomplish our goal, it’ll only inspire us to do more, well, some of us that is to say.

So, take your talent places you never thought it would leave you via your skills. Become so great at what you do that they’ll be no one they can compare you to. The greater our skill level, the further we’ll separate ourselves from being regarded as the next so and so, and being viewed as the best version of ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with looking towards others in your chosen field for inspiration, but we should never get so caught up in their lives that we forget to live our own.

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my offering.

May we never lose our desire to out do what we've already done.

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