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We All Have Something Unique To Give

An Opened Isn’t Always Looking To Receive Something

What’s in a word? A deeper meaning:

C ollective

O pinions

M ean

P eople

R ealize

O pportunities

M anifest

I f

S elflessness

E volves

Our differences are what make us all the most the same. I know this may read like an oxymoron, but once you think about it, it’ll make perfect sense.

We all desire the same things, though this won’t always be at the same time at some point, we’ll want what others have or have had, it’s times like this where compromise comes into play. When we’re willing to accommodate the needs of others, our needs will eventually be met. No deed goes unnoticed in the presence of the forever watching and all-knowing, Universe, aka God.

More often than not, we get what we give, and when we give without expectations, what we receive will always overshadow what was provided.

Here’s an example of compromise and what it can bring about: A man has a great idea that he presents to his boss for consideration. Though his boss believes the concept will push the company forward, not only does he go with another option, but he wants the man to be apart of the process as well. Instead of getting upset, the man agrees to assist in any manner possible. The project ends up exceeding everyone’s expectations, and for his willingness to compromise, everyone involved helped to ensure the man’s idea met with the same fate. More often than not, we get what we give, and when we give without expectations, what we receive will always overshadow what was provided.

We must never lose sight of the fact that every moment isn’t our time. When we practice patience and are willing to compromise when our time does arise, others will be willing to assist in the process. When we’re willing to compromise, it tells people that we’re not selfish, which will inspire others to follow that train. Be prepared to lead where it is required and humble enough to follow when it’s not.

When I seek out the perspective of others, I’m demonstrating a compromising way of being. I’m showing that learning what’s right means more to me than what I’ve come to believe is right. If you can show a better way, I’m not going to deny myself the opportunity of possible improvement.

A dear friend (Madeleine Halgreen) asked me to create the acronym above for them. I loved it show much that I thought I’d share it here, along with relevant content. As always, the material was created to provoke thought and hopefully activate the action.

What does compromise mean to you? I’d love to read your beautiful mind, thanks to your willingness to share your thoughts. So, if you feel the need to express yourself, please tag me, seeing as though I never want to miss a thing of the highest importance. Thanks for the inspiration, Breanna Lowman.

May our words continue to inspire others, and may we continue to be inspired by the words of others.

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1 Comment

Jul 08, 2020

Excellent, my friend. Keep shining your brilliant light.

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