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Wake Up!

We’re All One And The Same

There’s a storm brewing tonight,

all of a sudden nothing feels right.

Silence is the sound,

as I drive around,

my city looks like a ghost town.

Then comes the rain,

along with the sound of agonizing pain,

I look around but there’s not a person to be found, the whole scene seems insane.

Until I realized that it was the Universe crying;

because Mother Earth is surely dying.

As so many of the inhabitants in their homes are still creating a mess,

the virus was meant to teach us a lesson, but the majority of us failed the test.

Money over mercy,

more people are dying because they’re hungry and thirsty.

Rain starting to seem like 40 days and 40 nights,

thunder strikes, then there go all the lights.

Are we meant to drown in the tears,

of the One, we all tell our hopes, dreams, and fears?

This is a sign of the time,

that we better begin to regard our thinking as a crime.

And change our ways,

Or prepare for the end of days.

Continuous lightning strikes here and there,

multiple fires begin, and the smell of great despair;

overtakes the air,

I can feel that people are beginning to really and truly care.

Seeing that we’re all connected,

this experience is the result of when we’re not all respected.

Then the very second the minute the hour had arrived all I could hear,

oh so very clear,

was the collective global cry, “we’re thankful to be here!”

And the sincerity was felt, so with that, all was made right,

the fires were washed away by the rain, and the rain was replaced by the light.

The Universe was smiling for the first time, in a long time,

because the planet’s population had just gone color blind.

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