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Verbal Battles Suck

If We Can’t Have A Respectful Conversation, I Don’t Need To Talk

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We should never waste time thinking of doing frivolous things. — Henery X

Verbal Battles Suck

2022, Henery X ©

Battles And Wars

The war is what’s most important to us, while battles threaten the chance of obtaining or maintaining what’s deemed as important. For me, the war is safeguarding my peace of mind, seeing thought is the start and end of everything. Anything I feel that’s out to disrupt my peace of mind, I gladly take the “L” and keep it moving forward.

Priority is paramount, but all things aren’t a priority, but those that should be, aren't for everyone. What may be regarded as important to one, may not have the same appeal to another. You’ve heard that old saying, “Choose your battles wisely.” Well, I take the said saying to mean know when to walk away from something, even if you feel you can win. All victories aren’t good, sometimes, the best victory is suffering a loss. A verbal battle is usually fueled by a discussion consisting of two different points of view, which are attempting to overshadow one another, and which will more than likely escalate into a full-blown argument. And when it comes to an argument, no good comes of it. Time and energy are totally wasted. And things are said that all involved usually grow to regret, things that can’t be taken back, and, that tarnishes the relationship, if not destroy it altogether.

The Art Of Conversation

Masterpiece: While one person speaks in a respectful and intelligent manner, another person not only listens to what’s being said but is analyzing it as well, so their response will be relevant to what was heard.

Finger painting: Cutting someone off mid-sentence to voice your displeasure about something that was said, which will only displease the speaker.

We can only give what we have, but this isn’t a reason for us to be rude. Though these days common courtesy isn’t so common, common sense should always be a no brainer. We should speak to people in the manner we want to be spoken to, I mean, it seems only right, right? We give what we get, and if what we get isn’t what we give, we can politely remove ourselves from the situation, and allow the other person to deal with the rest of their day.

What’s The Point Of Talking?

When it comes to interacting with others, my personal primary objective is to obtain clarity. I’m always out to see if what I believe to be true, is actually true, or not. Different perspectives allow me the opportunity to draw the best conclusions. I’ve never been big on small talk, even when I was younger. Sure, my part of the conversation wasn’t as polished as it is now, but I still had the awareness of how to use my words according to the circumstance. I wouldn’t speak to a potential employer, in the same manner I’d speak with someone I grew up with. Now when I speak, I want people to feel as if their time wasn’t wasted. I want to give them something else to consider, a different point of view to look from. And when I listen, I look to receive the same things I give when I speak. Fair exchange has never been regarded as robbery.

In Closing

A verbal battle is not a conversation, it’s a waste of precious time and energy.

Speak to people in the manner you want to be spoken to.

Respect yourself enough to walk away from any person, who doesn’t respect them self, enough to respect you.

Listen to learn. Speak to enlighten.

When we find our peace of mind, we should never lose it in the presence of others. — Henery X

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my offering.

Remember. I’m not here to convince you to believe. I’m here to offer you something else to consider.

May we never lose our desire to outdo what we’ve already done.

Peace, Love, and the utmost Respect.

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