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Another day above the terrain/give me the pleasure, give me the pain/give me the Sunshine, give rain/what good does it do to complain? I take it as it comes/after the loaf of bread, I still have the crumbs. And with enough crumbs, I can create another slice/thinking like is so nice/because it leaves paying attention a doable price. My peace of mind allows me to see your door/to war/like a ship sailing towards the shore. So it won't be unlocked/because my positive energy stays well stocked. Maybe next time, you'll take your time/to search to find/where you lost the beauty of the thoughts within a right frame of mind. I pray for you/and I pray that you know my prayer is true/out of so many, you're still amongst that rare few. That I'll never forget to forgive/because even though we all may know life, some of us forget how to live.

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