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Three Things You Didn't Know About Me

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Though Writing About The Truth At Times Isn’t Always Easy, It’s Not So Hard Either

Image provided by the author and was created via a collage maker app

1) I Can Really Cook

Boy. If you know how to cook, you won’t have to wait around for someone else to feed you. — My Father

The above quote is what my father said to me when I was thirteen years old, and the said quote change how I looked at eating, forever.

My father taught me three things. Number one, how to ride a bike. Number two, how to dress to impress. And number three, how to cook. Though I appreciate all three, number three is the one I cherish the most.

The second after my father had uttered the above words to me, was the minute my cooking lesson began. And I was a diligent student, carefully watching everything he did. It took awhile, but I would eventually become the third cook in our household, which was one of my most proudest moments at the time.

Though my mother could cook as well, my father was the primary provider of the meals he, myself, my mother, and my sister consumed. He could have easily been a chef but, life had a different path in store for him. I’ll never forget our time spent together in the kitchen, which is among my fondest memories created with my father.

Knowing how to cook has not only benefited me, but so many others as well.

When I was employed at this assistant living facility, one of my many duties was to prepare the meals for the residents. And thanks to my skills in the kitchen, none of the said residents ever went to bed hungry, or, dissatisfied. In fact, their last words to me before they went to sleep were always pertaining to tomorrow’s menu. I also impressed a few of the ladies I once dated, thanks to knowing my way around the kitchen. At first they thought I was playing when I said I could cook, that is, until they consumed my cooking. One woman even proposed to me. Yeah, I’m just that good. Now, I primarily cook for my mother, sister, and niece, seeing I’m their unofficial caregiver. All the Glory be to the Most High.

Vegan omelet by the author

2) I Once Co-owned A T-shirt Company

You Can Choose To Fit In Or Decide To Stand Out. — 
Henery X

The above quote was the catchphrase for our T-shirt company, “Tees That Rule.”

In 2008, I had a vision of seeing someone on public transportation wearing a T-shirt I designed. The said vision was so vivid, no one could have convinced me it wasn’t real.

Fast forward to 2014, and the birth of Tees That Rule. But let me backtrack a bit. In 2013, I met the love of my life, who would not only become the other co-owner of the T-shirt company in question, but who would also be responsible for the name, and so much more, as well.

Shortly after having met Sabrena, I told her about my vision. She said it seemed like a worthwhile venture, so, we began the journey as one. Seeing she had already started several businesses before our encounter, she knew all the right things to do and say. As I was studying the success and failures of other T-shirt company owners and creating images, which would mostly be unique quotes and sayings, she was handling the technical side of being a business owner.

In 2014, and after investing in ourselves, Tees That Rule was officially open for business. Though we had some noteworthy success, seeing the moment was only meant to show me I could live a dream, seeing Sabrena had already lived several, the company didn’t do what it could have. Myself and Sabrena were enlightened on a lot during this time, plus, I still sell a number of the T-shirt designs on my website, along with a number of my books. I truly thought selling T-shirts was my purpose but again, the experience was only meant to show me I could live a dream, and I’ve been living my dreams ever since.

Photo provided by the author

3) I Could Have Been A Major League Baseball Player

Once upon a time in America, nothing mattered more to me than playing the game of baseball. — Henery X

When I was a young boy, playing baseball was the only time I truly felt free. I was so good, that I played every position, not all at once mind you. And not only was I good at every position, I was also a switch hitter, which enhanced my chances of playing more often than not. But of course I wasn’t born with such skills, they had to be crafted, via a commitment to consistency and hard work.

In the beginning, I used to be afraid of the baseball, I used to literally run from it, as well as dive out of its way. My coach had me practice on the most uneven surface I had ever stepped foot on. And not only was the said surface uneven, but it was covered in tiny rocks as well. Actually, it was the parking area of my elementary school, which was located across from the house I grew up in. He would stand about thirty to forty feet in front of me hitting baseballs in my direction, while I stood with my back facing the school building. Every time he hit a ground ball, it would take an unpredictable hop, and most of the times the ball would end up hitting me. My coach asked, “Are you tired of getting beat up by the ball?” And I responded, “Yeah!” Then he said, “Then start using the glove on your hand.” Before long, I was catching everything hit to me, I even use to charge at the ball, the second after it left the bat. I had conquered my fear, and was ready for what came next, which was hitting. This was the easy part, but what wasn’t easy, was eventually being able to hit the ball anywhere on the field I wanted. I would practice my batting technique for hours on end, I truly wanted to be the complete player. And I had accomplished my goal.

But alas, playing for my beloved Detroit Tigers, or any other major league baseball team for that matter, wasn’t to be. Long story short, my fear of the baseball returned, and after having spent the summer down south, without as much as even seeing anything pertaining to baseball, let alone participating in the game I loved.

Photo provided by the author

So, there you have it, three things you didn’t know about me, but now you do. The latter of the three inspired me to write a short story entitled, “The Complete Player.”

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my offering.

May we never lose our desire to outdo what we’ve already done.

Remember. I’m not here to convince you to believe. I’m here to give you something else to consider.

Peace, Love, and the utmost Respect.

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