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There's Always Time (Part 2)

It's never about not having enough time, or making time, or finding the time. We have all the time we'll ever receive, no more can be given, and/or purchased, not even a second, and not with all the wealth in the world. When it comes to time, we can only give it, and receive it from others. We invest time in what we care about most, some investments are bad, while others are the best ever. A bad investment is spending hours watching a television series. A great investment is spending time with those who want to start a business with you. Sacrifice is necessary for a greater good. If what we're doing isn't necessary, it should be sacrificed for a greater good. There's always time, but at times we're to busy wasting time to realize this fact. Like with money, time should be invested in things that will bring about a hefty return, things such as: creating memorable moments with family and friends, ensuring our health is in order, and being self-sufficient...just to name a few.

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