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The Thrill

Purpose Driven

At 4 am I wake,

and shake.

Thoughts racing to the finish line,

in my mind.

As the story unfolds,

I’m thinking of literary gold.

Or should I say a platinum piece,

or better yet, a diamond release.

So excited,

and just think, I haven’t even begun to write it.

It’s prayer time,

giving thanks to the Great Divine,

whom without, there would be no means to shine.

Though it seems as if I can’t wait, I wait,

have other things to do first on my plate,

securing my hygienes is a must, that’s no debate.

Now that all is said and done,

to my trusty laptop, I run.

I close my eyes,

and visualize,

the wonders, that are no surprise.

Words come together like lovers in heat,

each time different, no time to repeat.

An adrenaline rush,

this is much more than a crush.

After I see what I write,

it’s love at first sight,

and this is all done before first light.

One down, nine more to go,

this is how it is when I get into the flow,

creating fast not slow,

because the thought wave crashes with a desire to show,

I put in work like I’m trying to pay off a major debt I owe.

Thank you for taking the time and donating it to reading my words. May all you deserve and desire flow abundantly into your life like a river does into a sea.

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