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The Reviews Are In!

The Clients Satisfaction Is My Claim To Fame

Why, What, and How Do You Write

1. Why I Write: To help others be in the best viable position to help themselves.

2. What I Write: I write pieces meant to encourage, enlighten, and entertain.

3. How I Write: I use the wisdom gained from experience and that has helped me to be successful.

My definition of a creative writer is a person who can combine the right words to produce the desired result every time.

"With three published books already written. I didn't think I needed to learn anything else about writing until I met Henery X.

Though I have a vivid imagination to construct a storyline, I didn't have a writing style. I was all over the place.

Henery fixed my problem by teaching me how to define not only my voice and style but my purpose for writing.

Thanks to his expertise and genuine spirit to help. I have become a better writer. Writing with style and with purpose."

-Dawn D.

"Henery has profoundly influenced my life during this past year. He’s the man who first encouraged me to post my poems on Instagram, then to do some spoken words. Though I was hesitant to put forth my aging visage when there are so many young, beautiful poets.

Henery was right. People enjoy my readings in my soft-spoken voice.

Last, but not least, Henery has encouraged me to become a published author. Now, I’m just weeks away!"

-Caroline D.

"Henery has been a huge factor in causing me to stop and assess the “why” behind my writing. Focusing not only on the intention behind writing but the impact for the audience has been something that has helped me to ground my writing in meaning."

-Anthony A.

"I was blessed to cross paths with Henery X in my journey as a novice writer whose traits are nothing short of being remarkable, not just as a seasoned inditer, successful author, also as a generous, kind, and humble human being.

His words alone had inspired me to write every single day, and his unwavering encouragement and support gave me the nudge I needed to realize the dream of becoming a published writer one day.

I cannot think of a better person as a mentor to anyone who aspires to pen their thoughts on paper because he will plant the seeds needed to achieve it. Furthermore, he will be with you every step of the way throughout the entire process, guiding you towards the path of ultimate success as an acclaimed author."

-Miriam D.

"Henery is very inspiring with not only me but with everyone he comes in contact with daily as well."

-Kimberly W.

"This amazing Author Henery played a great important role in my life as a writer he gave me awesome nuggets on my inspirational books of quotes which I am embarking on and embracing in a new season of writing and getting my book out by spring of 2022. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me how to expound on my quotes, such as how they made me feel. Where did it come from then writing more on them. They are life quotes, inspirational quotes, empowerment quotes, and quotes to keep pushing you in your purpose. If you are looking to grow in your writing and begin to become a writer, Henery X is your man. I highly recommend his services. I'm looking forward to receiving more outstanding importance of writing books from him. Once again, thank you Henery for all that you do and for creating the Clubhouse group Writer's Way. Be blessed, my brother."

-Liz B.

"He is a master at what he does. More than knowing the syntax and how to powerfully deliver a word or a line—Henery X is genuine, down to earth, and encouraging.

He makes you feel special as if you’re his only client!

After one session in Henery X’s presence, you believe you can create anything you put your mind to! You get more than your money’s worth with him. I’ve grown immeasurably!"

-Nedra R.

"As someone new to the writing scene, Henery gifted me support and strengthened a belief in myself. Nurturing the courage to keep speaking my truth. To remember my voice, however, it shows up, on the page or in person, is valid.

Words will never be enough to express my appreciation for Henery’s presence in my life.

Writing came to me as a tool to heal. Henery showed me the power of how it can help others."

-Amy M.

"If epiphanies are

yellow brick roads

& aspects of your

writing need heart,

brain or courage,

a writing coach can

cast a wizard’s spell

to catapult you forward.

A self-made, prolific writer

& established, well-respected mentor &

steward is @writepath247 aka Henery X. & #godfatherofpoetry

Maker of ‘The Gumbo’

Birth giver & nurturer of

‘Positive Place’

& a very tight Brother of mine.

Henery guides folks to their

Yellow Brick Roads. You ROCK steady man.

Much respect."

-Anthony M.

"Henery aka “@writepath247” has been a godsend for my writing journey and so much more! His words of encouragement coupled with his desire to enlighten as well as educate have opened my mind to possibilities beyond my greatest imagination. He has been nothing short of amazing. Thanks, Henery, for continuing to be an inspiration in my life."

-Keisha A.

“Henery X scores a literary bullseye with his inventive use of acronyms and prosody in short pieces that manage to educate, entertain, and inspire simultaneously. This is a rare gift.”

-TheresAnn S.

"You are open-minded and driven. You can focus and persevere. You interact without judgment. You share your well-thought-through wisdom freely. You are a connector.

The most amazing thing was that when I used the word privileged, you did not drop me when there were different connections to that word. You did not drop me when the soup got hot. You stayed. And you explained calmly that one word has different

effects on people, according to their frame of reference.

Because of that, Henery, I have the utmost respect for you. You are a connector.

And you are patient."

-Madeleine H.

"When Henery glided into my life, I was in a place of not wanting to write. I wrote my first book and after releasing it, didn’t feel like writing anymore. My motivation and passion to write were gone. I honestly didn’t think I would write again. Then I met Henery. I call him my Writing Angel. Henery inspired and encouraged me to write again. Now I can’t stop writing and look forward to writing and releasing more books!"

-Lorrine P.

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