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The Reasons Why I Connect With Others?

Thoughts of a free thinker 

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I know a little but I don’t know enough and no amount of time will ever allow me to know it all.-Henery X

The Reasons Why I Connect With Others?

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The second after I discovered something I thought was true wasn’t, was the minute I questioned everything. This revelation didn’t just serve as a wake up call, but just as important, it became the fuel on my journey of self-discovery. This journey just wasn’t about discovering who I was, it was also about realizing what the truth wasn’t.

Sure, reading books enlightened me a lot, but it would be interacting with people face to face that would pull down and burn the veil. I regarded the perspectives of people on matters that mattered most to me as bars of gold. I used to sit for hours and talk with people about all things relevant, things that we had a major problem with. We’d also discuss potential solutions, as well as how we could make these solutions a reality.

When I connect with others I know I’m going to walk away with something I didn’t walk up with. We see the same things in different manners, and this is how we evolve. The way I once believed has been upgraded so many times I’ve lost count. If a person can make me second guess something that has helped me in the past, that’s a person I want to stay connected with. I know there are many ways a goal can get accomplished, so my mind is always open to receive new ideas. I live to learn, so I may learn to live.

Connecting with like-minded people is good for our mental and physical health. Thought is the start, continuation, and end of everything. As our mind goes, so go our lives. A mind at peace will help ensure our bodies are at peace as well. People who desire peace and joy will ensure they don’t give what they’re not looking to receive. I seek to enhance my peace of mind when I interact with others, as well as help them do likewise with theirs.

And lastly, feeling ostracized is not a good feeling. Trust me, I know firsthand. So, I want people to know that they’re seen and heard. When I’m out and about, I strike up conversations with people I’ve never seen before in life. The excitement in their eyes and the joy in their voices make my day. Helping people to feel blessed to be alive is one of the greatest feelings in the world for me. I know what it feels like to not want to be here anymore. It’s not a good feeling, and anybody we encounter could be feeling this way. So, I acknowledge their presence. Hey, this act of kindness could be the light that extinguishes their dark thoughts.

Your Voice Matters. And never allow anyone to convince you otherwise, especially yourself. Surround yourself with people who speak living into your life.-Henery X

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