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The Pursuit Of Happiness

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

A Poem

I pursue her so diligently because she came to me like a dream.

I’m out to make her the co-captain of my team.

She knows what I know not.

Tells me when to take or to ignore the shot.

Tells me when to show up or to totally avoid the spot.

She’s my eyes and ears.

When I’m unable to be in the midst of my peers.

A Goddess masquerading around like she’s a Queen.

Every place she appears becomes the happening scene.

I can’t lie, every time she leaves me it’s with a lustful appetite.

But it was, and will forever be, motivated by love at first sight.

You see, every time I see her it’s like the first time.

The thought of her overtakes the totality of my lovesick mind.

A black pearl, in other words, a rare find.

“Two need to become one,” I said after dropping down to one knee.

She smiled and then said, “I totally agree.”

Thank you for taking minutes of your precious time and donating them to acknowledging my offering. May our words continue to inspire others, and may we continue to be inspired by the words of others.

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