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The Process

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Where There’s No Patience, Failure Awaits Patiently

All things come about via a process.

A process is a series of necessary steps, which must be followed in a particular order. Not respecting the order of things will only delay progress. Each step helps us to determine our next one accordingly. Imagine opening a restaurant, and not knowing the first thing about how it should be run. We can’t begin at the end or in the middle; we must start at the beginning. Where there’s no patience, failure awaits patiently.

The process unfolds thanks to experience; we have to try if we expect to gain experience, and within experience is a failure. But like I’ve said many times before, there’s a favor in failure. Those who try and fail are more successful than those who fail to try. If we never give up, eventually, we’ll succeed. Success rewards those who are steadfast, those who understand that nothing in life worthy of having will ever be obtained easily.

Respect the process, and the process will most definitely respect you. Go through the trials and tribulations because they strengthen us. The struggle is ordained because it brings about the most significant appreciation for things strived for, and that is eventually obtained. Fight/for your right/to live your life in the light.

It’s not a sprint

So many of us believe we must rush to complete our goals; this belief is so far away from the truth. Not taking our time is how it’s wasted.

As long as time is being dedicated to the cause daily, the amount doesn’t matter. Because over time, it’ll all add up to the task having been completed. So, be it ten (10) minutes or ten (10) hours, dedicate time to the cause daily. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon, but like with a sprint, a non-stop forward motion must be consistent if we expect to cross the finish line. Remember, we don’t have to come in first to win; we just need to finish what we start.

A Process

I want to write a book. Where do I begin? Well, will it be fact or fiction? Hum. Decisions, decisions. I think I’ll go with a fictional story, which will be geared towards influencing people in real life.

Should I come up with a title first and let it dictate the action, or should I allow the effort to determine the title? Hum. Decisions, decisions. I think I’ll go with the latter of the two, which seems more logical to me.

So, where do I begin with the story? Character or setting? The setting seems as though it should come first, seeing that I’ll be using my home town.

Okay, now the character. I want him or her to be relatable to the reader, seeing that the objective is to provoke thought and influence change. Alrighty then, I got it, it’ll be a young woman, seeing that women possess so much power. I want the said character to remind women (as well as men) of this irrefutable fact, so there it is a female lead.

Now, will she be African American, European, Asian, etc? Well, the obvious choice for me would be the one I have interacted with most, seeing that experience will help with creating the character’s characteristics. So, this would mean she’ll have to be an African American woman, seeing I’ve dealt with these goddesses my entire life.

Now, will she be young or old? I guess this will depend on how I decide to begin the story. Will it start in the modern-day or the time leading up to the present time? I think I’ll start it off in the present time to a certain extent, and give the back story of how she arrived at her current situation. The back story will be one of heartache and despair. Appearing there’s no hope, but hope always lingers where sincere prayer dwells. I want to show that it’s not about how we start, but how we finish. I want the character to give hope not only to other women but to people, period, because more often than not, we all feel hopeless, especially in this “new normal’ we all face.

There you have it, the process of me creating a story. Of course, the process will vary from person to person, but I believe this is a pretty clear cut example. Give yourself options because options are always a great thing, well they are for me, anyway. Use your experiences in life as inspiration. The characters in my second book have bits and pieces of people I know as well as have known. I even have a few of them living out some of my past dreams I wasn’t able to fulfill, which is cool because the thoughts weren’t a waste of time. They ended up serving a purpose.

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