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The primary problem with america

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The primary problem with America is this: Our ancestors (those American people of African descent) prior to slavery weren't slaves, they were as free as the land they stood upon. So many, especially American people of African descent; act as if the crime of slavery was a misdemeanor. An offense worthy of a slap on the wrist and 1000 hours of community service. Slavery was an act intended to never end from the beginning; because it's psychological warfare at its finest. Totally alter a person's mind via a slow, diabolical plan to the point it becomes a part of the very DNA of the said person. Now; just imagine this being done to millions of people, the plan is no longer necessary because now it's perpetuated via birth.

American people of African descent worse enemy is ignorance, which in its simplest form means "to not know." We don't know that we're not free, because it's our minds that are enslaved. Our ancestors were kidnapped and brought over here for one reason and one reason only...to serve. The majority of us are allowed to live because we serve the same purpose, we're regarded as servants by the servants of those unseen forces who truly oversee this country. It's not a coincidence that American people of African descent make up the majority of the general labor workforce in this country, we're continuing the duty our ancestors were forced to serve, but since we're receiving an unfair wage...we're blind to this fact. Wake up! Or die in your sleep! Just my humble opinion.

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