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The Price Isn't All About The Product

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Truthfully, The Cost Is Actually A Real Steal

We’ve all done it at some point in time, I referring to asking ourselves the question under our breathe or thinking it in our mind, “why is that price so high?” We do this for a number of reasons but are any of them justified? Though we have a right to think or say what we want, some times our words are inappropriate, and, are just not warranted. I used to mentally ask myself the question in question more often than not, and until I began to create with the intent to sell. Once you go from consumer to producer your mental vision becomes crystal clear and you no longer doubt the worth of creation but begin to honor the creator by purchasing, without a second thought.

Sacrifice is necessary for a greater good.

I’ve written it in numerous pieces that time is our second greatest commodity, number one is life because, without life, nothing else matters. Like with life, when time is gone, it’s never coming back. And all the money in the world can’t buy us a second of time, so what we invest our time in should always be worthwhile.

When it comes to creating or putting ourselves in a position to be creators, much more than time will be invested in this process. The effort has to be factored in because, without it, the desire will remain as such. Though belief is the first thing that must be established when we’re out to accomplish something, the effort is a close second. The effort is the act on the belief, it’s doing what’s morally necessary to have the desire become tangible. More often than not, the effort in pursuing dreams becomes so intense that other things become secondary, things, that most deem as primary. I'm referring to sleep, eating, spending time with family/friends, etc. These are sacrifices no amount of money can compete or compare with, but, the said money makes things seem not so bad once it’s earned.

So, next time you see or hear a price you think is too high, rethink that thought. Begin to imagine all that had to happen to make the situation a reality. Truthfully, the product(s) we purchase or the service(s) we receive are only because we can’t buy the stories of the sacrifices it took to make them a reality. The price of the said stories would make the product(s) and service(s) they’re responsible for pale in comparison.

Thank you for taking the time and donating it to reading my words. I hope they help you in a positive way.

“Books offer lessons we more than likely wouldn’t learn no other way.”-Henery X (long)


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