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The Lesson

I'm hearing multiple voices/speaking about my future choices. And there's no way for me to escape what's being said/because the conversations are going on inside my head. Logic and Reason, debating with Doubt and Fear/and let's be clear/this goes on 365 days of the year. The tag teams/one saying to pursue my dreams/while the other is saying that pursuit will be harder than it seems. Doubt and Fear: "Stick to what you know/because you're not built to build a business, your business is to help that built business grow. No need to pray/just get up, get out and make this day's pay/don't you have unpaid bills to pay?" Logic and Reason: "Don't be shook/by this pawn and rook/the king and queen is saying start reading a bunch of books/because different perspectives will give you various outlooks. You two should be ashamed for trying to mislead this poor guy/everyone should have a desire to live before they die." Doubt and Fear: "But is it truly living/when you have gave all that can be given? And still, end up with far less/face it, man, you were born to be no better than second best." Logic and Reason: "Don't face that/because that's far from an actual fact/to do, you must be willing to act. Failure is an option, but it doesn't have to be the end of the story/allow it to be the fuel to your fire that blazes you to glory." Doubt and Fear: "Or have you crash and burn/be happy with what you earn/because contrary to their belief, it'll never be your turn." Logic and Reason: "Of course we disagree/you see/consistency is the key/that will set you free/your time may not be right now, but someday it could be. But you gotta believe/if things don't go your way, grieve/but never think to leave. Never give these two the satisfaction of saying I told you so/progress may be slow/but slow/is better than a no go."

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