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The Deal

A short story

We should do something so well that the whole world will know about it, and not just those who know us well in the world.

The Deal (Part One)

2022, Henery X ©

One day, David Ingerman had an idea. And a month later, the 60 year old Jewish American decided he was going to act on the said idea. The idea in question was to offer a space where entrepreneurs could sell their products. The retired banker had the capital, and thanks to his savings from forty years of service at the bank that once employed him. Now all he needed was the space that would align with his primary objective, which was to make himself even richer than he already was. He reached out to a friend who worked in the real estate industry. After telling the said friend about his idea, he was ensured an adequate space would be provided.

One year later, “Our Place” was opened for business, and business, was gooder than great. David’s real estate friend had secured him a warehouse, which was the largest his hometown of Dearborn had to offer. Both the exterior and interior had went through drastic upgrades, so much so that the warehouse now looked like a top notch state of Michigan establishment.

David had secured forty clients, who all had their own unique style of merchandise. To occupy the space, each client had to pay $1,200 per month, for a period of one year. This arrangement allowed the said clients the freedom to setup their sections of the warehouse like a genuine retail shop, which gave most of them another option outside of their online stores. David’s desire to enhance his fortune was now a reality. It didn't matter to him if his clients made money or not, they still had to pay him for the opportunity to be in a position to do so. He felt as if he was on top of the world, looking down at everyone else, who all had to look up to him for their shot at greatness.

It was 8:00 a.m., and David was about to open up Our Place. Though his clients wouldn’t be arriving for another two hours, he liked to come in early and do what he needed to do.

“Excuse me, Sir,” a young African American man said. He was slowly walking in David’s direction, and from a black SUV he had just gotten out of.

David turned to face the man in question. “Good morning, young man,” he said cheerfully. He let his eyes do a quick scan of the casually dressed man, and then placed them back on his face.

“Greetings. So, are you the owner of this establishment by chance?”

“I am.”

“Cool. Congratulations. I’ve been hearing great things about Our Place. By the way, my name is Alvin Johnson.

“Thank you, Alvin. I’m David. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The two men shook hands.

“So, what’s on your mind, Alvin?”

“I want to rent or lease some space up in Our Place, that’s if some is available.”

“Oh, there’s plenty of space available, Alvin. Why don’t I just let you see for yourself.” David resumed opening up his business. “So, what type of merchandise to you sell, Alvin?” David walked through the front door and held it opened for Alvin.

“We specialize in unique urban and upscale clothing, as well as various styles of foot wear.”

“Sounds nice. Congratulations.”


David flicked on a number of switches and the once dark space, was now illuminated with light.

As Alvin looked around, he was slowly nodding his head and smiling. “This is sweet, David.

Yeah, I need to be up in here. So, tell me what’s what.”

“Let’s walk towards the back so you can see all the available space, Alvin,” they proceeded to walk near the rear of the spacious warehouse. “So, this is how it goes, Alvin. It’s twelve hundred dollars per month, for a period of one year. The said money allows you to do what’s needed to make your business work. You can set up just like a normal retail shop, and as you can see, the spaces are very spacious.”

“Indeed they are, David. So, I can have employees up in here?”

“Sure. Whatever you need to make your business work.”

“So, from what I can see. There are ten available spaces, correct?”

“That’s correct, Alvin.”

“So, would it be possible for me to lease five of them?”

A look of surprise appeared on David’s face, “Sure, I don’t see where that would be a problem. Business must be doing really good, huh, Alvin?”

“We’re doing alright. But this opportunity here, will take us to a whole other level. So, let's get to the paperwork I need to sign?”

“Alright, let’s go to my office, which is right over there.” As David and Alvin proceeded to walk towards his office, he couldn’t stop smiling. All he could think about was the money he was about to make, and this thought always made him happy.

They made it to the office.

“Have a seat, Alvin.”

Alvin sat on a cushy leather sectional sofa, while David went in his desk drawer and pulled out the contract. He walked over and handed the said contract to his guest.

“As you can see, the contract says what I already told you.”

Alvin read the contract quickly but carefully, he was a very cautious man. “Alright, David. Do you have a pen?”

David quickly grabbed a pen from atop his desk and handed it to Alvin, who signed the contract and gave it, along with the pen, back to David.

“Alrighty then. Welcome aboard, Alvin. So, when will you be setting up?”

“Immediately. Oh, and I want to pay you in full, for all five spaces, today.”

David couldn’t contain his excitement, “What? Really? I mean, alright, Alvin.”

“So, if my math is right, and it’s rarely wrong. I’ll owe you seventy-two thousand dollars, correct?”

“That’s, that’s right, Alvin.”

“Cool. Would you prefer cash or a check?”

“Whatever works best for you, Alvin. Oh, let me make you a copy of your contract.”

Alvin pulled out his phone and made a call. “Yeah. It’s a go. Yep. I need seventy-two thousand, asap. Alright. Let everybody know to start moving out. Alright. Peace,” he ended his call.

“One of my partners will be bringing the money shortly, David.”

“Alright. Wow! What a great start of the day,” David said cheerfully. He handed Alvin his copy of the contract.

“Tell me about it, David,” Alvin said cheerfully, he chuckled afterward. He thought to himself: If this guy only knew what he just did, he wouldn’t be happy about it at all.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the surprising conclusion of, The Deal.

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