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The Complete Player

Versatility Is Golden

Ever since he was able to comprehend, Ekon Abebe wanted to play for the Detroit Tigers baseball team. The 18-year-old African American was obsessed with the game of baseball, so much so that he made it his mission to master every aspect of the game. But in the beginning, he focused simply on being a great hitter, and a better centerfielder. The drastic change in his game plan came about shortly after a conversation with his parents, who he loved and admired immensely.

Kwame Abebe and Adanna Buhle-Abebe, both 48 years old, were originally from South Africa. They were both hand-picked by their respective tribes at fifteen years of age to go to the United States, and make something of themselves. This was so that they could, in turn, be able to support their respective tribes once they did. Every tribe member from both tribes gave all the money they could to make their journeys possible. The young man and woman felt no pressure, in fact, they were honored, and had every intention of doing exactly what was expected of them.

Kwame and Adanna both ended up in Detroit, Michigan. He on the west side with a loving uncle, and she on the east side, with a loving aunt. At an early age, they were both being groomed to do one thing, so that they could eventually accomplish another. He was taught the fundamentals of the game of basketball, while she was taught how to be a sprinter.

Thanks to his middle school coach, Kwame entered Nothern High School arguably better than all the players on the varsity basketball team. The enlightenment from the coach only enhanced his already above-average skills. Adanna also benefitted greatly from her middle school coach’s wisdom, so much so that she was afforded a spot on Southeastern High School’s varsity track team.

During their senior year of high school, Kwame and Adanna would finally meet one another. The meeting was made possible thanks to a basketball game between their respective schools, and that was hosted by hers. The moment she laid eyes on the obvious star of the game, she was forever lost in love.

After the game, which was won by Northern, Adanna rush to the court, and ran right up to Kwame. Like it had been with her, the moment he laid eyes on her, he cared not to see another sight in life.

They both would end up attending Stanford University on full athletic scholarships and began their journeys to become doctors, which was the overall objective all along.

Kwame would become a neurologist/psychologist, while Adanna would become a pediatrician/general practitioner. They both took full advantage of the opportunity their scholarships afforded them, and due to this fact, their respective tribes in South Africa were now cared for accordingly. They would return to their homeland and get married. In addition to their son, Ekon, they also had a daughter, 21-year-old Africa, who was an accomplished singer/songwriter.

Without question, Ekon possessed his parents' determination. At sixteen not only was he enlightened enough to play every position in the game of baseball, but he was also a superb switch hitter as well, which only enhanced his undeniable appeal. So, when he tried out for Northern High School’s varsity baseball team, he impressed the coaches so much, that he was named the co-captain right after tryouts were over.

In two-years Ekon made a name for himself. His phenomenal performance on the field made him a household name, not since LeBron James had a high school player drawn more media attention. Major league scouts began making their presence felt his junior, but none represented his beloved Detroit Tigers.

“Father, I’ve put myself in the best possible position to make my dream a reality,” Ekon said. He was the spitting image of his father. Handsome, dark as midnight, and well over six feet tall. Also, like his father, he was dressed to impress as he lounged on the passenger seat of his father’s, 2018, Mercedes-Benz Maybach Sedan.

“Indeed you have, my son,” Kwame said, the joy in his voice was apparent. “Your mother and I thought that you would just select another area to dominate in, we never imagined you’d be the complete player.”

“I was inspired by you and mother’s stories, plus, I’m a product of you both. Meaning I have three times the amount of willpower, so anything less than what I accomplished would have been like a failure.”

“You are indeed our child my son, a force to be reckoned with. Imagine son, you’re on track to make history. No major legal player has ever thought to do what you have done, in the history of the game. This means that you’re going to be the highest-paid baseball player in the world, possibly the highest-paid athlete period. How does talk like this make you feel?”

“Fortune, fame. It’s all secondary, Father. My only desire is to play with the Detroit Tigers, and it was this desire that drove me to do what I did. I wanted to put myself in a position where I wouldn’t be denied, and being the complete player ensured this.”

Kwame chuckled, “Well, my son. It’s safe to say that you won’t be denied the opportunity to play for your beloved Tigers. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that they’re working on making something happen as we speak.”

“Why hasn’t a representative reached out to me yet, Father?”

“A number of reasons, son. But even if no one ever reaches out to you, the second after you reach out to them, they won’t hesitate to reach back to you. Don’t worry, your hard work will not be in vain.”

“I trust you, Father.”

June 2020

“Now batting for your first place Tigers! Number thirty! The one! The only! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekon Aaaaaaaaaaaabebe! Ekon Abebe ladies and gentlemen!” The Detroit Tigers announcer said. The majority of the crowd began to applaud and cheer.

As Ekon stood outside the batter's box, he looked up at his proud parents, who sat just above the home team’s dugout, and behind home plate. He touched the brim of his helmet, and then step into the batter’s box.

The pitcher shook off a few unwanted signs from the catcher, and then he went into his windup. His pitch was a wicked-looking curveball, which Ekon politely sent sailing over the first baseman’s head, and dropping into deep left field. He ended up cruising into third base with a leadoff triple. The major of the crowd was applauding and cheering, but none more enthusiastically than his parents, who were also smiling uncontrollably.

Being one-dimensional in a versatile world isn’t a wise choice, mainly because circumstances are subject to change at the drop of a hat. We should always be properly prepared to deal with change, which is inevitable.

I hope that you enjoyed this story, and may it offer you some form of inspiration.

Nothing is Impossible, the word itself bears witness to this fact, “I’m possible.”

May our words continue to inspire others, and may we continue to be inspired by the words of others.

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