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The Call

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

The call I heard.

Was one word.  Serve, my son.

Until your days are done. 

Don't worry about what will be.

Just trust in M.

And watch what you'll begin to see.  Give from the heart.

That part.  That makes giving the reason.

For every season.  People will appreciate.

And begin to reciprocate.

Love conquers hate.  But most can't feel.

What's real.

Due to the hand, they were dealt, not knowing this was just a part of that deal. 

Though Life is far from a game, play to win, with a willingness to lose. 

Because within the loss.

Is the makings of a true Boss. 


My word.

Speak it, but living it is preferred.  Because action can be seen.

And defines what my word truly means.

You'll be seen in a different light, a light, of the Light.

Meant to give insight- sight.  To see.

Watch how quickly falsehood begins to flee.

Watch how living life will begin to be.

The second you decided to live it for me.  What you give, you'll get, more times than you can count.  Because your reward.

Will be the Love of the Lord.  And that's wealth, that covers all expenses.

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