• Henery X (long)

The Call

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

The call I heard/was one word.  Serve, my son, until your days are done. 

Don't worry about what will be/just trust in Me/and watch what you'll begin to see.  Give from the heart/that part.  That makes giving the reason/for every season.  People will appreciate/and begin to reciprocate/Love conquers hate.  But most can't feel/what's real/due to the hand they were dealt, not knowing that this was just a part of that deal. 

Though Life is far from a game, play to win, with a willingness to lose. 

Because within the loss/is the makings of a true Boss. 

Serve/my word/speak it, but living it is preferred.  Because action can be seen/and gives definition to what my word truly means. You'll be seen in a different light, a light, of the Light/meant to give insight- sight.  To see/watch how quickly falsehood begins to flee/watch how living life will begin to be/the second you decided to live it for me.  What you give, you'll get, more times than you can count.  Because your reward/will be the Love of the Lord.  And that's wealth, that covers all expenses.

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