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The Author Of Love

God Created The First Bestseller

The Most High showed us, Love, by loaning us a speck of His spirit so we may be able to have life, and eventually begin to live. He expects us to show our appreciation for His unselfishness by showing each other Love. We’re all allowed to exist on this planet for a specific reason, which I believe is to create a heavenly environment.

Hate is the flip side of Love, and it’s the end result of when we choose to go against God’s desire. If God is Love, how could He be the reason for hate? Hate is the result of our egos like it is with all other things negative. God never created a gun, why would He have when He gave the clear instruction, “thou shall not kill?” Those who “serve” God need not say it because their actions, speak for themselves. Again, God is Love.

God is the author of Love, not the reason for war. War is of man, man is egotistical, the ego is a result of arrogance and ignorance. Prideful people don’t like being told what to do, directly or indirectly. They’ll fight tooth and nail against what’s right, just to maintain their self-righteous view of life, and how it should be lived by all. Like they’re really qualified to define something they didn’t originate. The righteous suffer because of the wicked ones desire to show their superiority over the power they know exist but, they don’t respect. God is not the author of chaos and confusion. He didn’t create weapons of mass destruction. Outside of the beauty of options, He doesn’t regard the color of skin in no other manner. He doesn’t regard man better than woman, He regards both as equally capable of utilizing His speck of borrowed spirit accordingly.

The word of God offers the only way, so if we’re walking in the wrong direction, we need to question our comprehension of the said word and not its Creator. We all know a lot but this doesn’t mean we understand what we know, or, that what we know is even correct. Experience has taught me that correct knowledge will establish proper understanding when what we desire is made manifest. So, in other words, if our knowledge isn’t working in our favor it’s either incorrect or our understanding of it is incorrect.

The said word of God is crystal clear but at times we either tend to voluntarily go against it or are led astray by those who lack the proper understanding, or we’re led astray by those who do understand but are fueled by selfish-gain. At seemingly hopeless times we seek out refuge in people, places, and things we pray will offer us the comfort of peace of mind. So many understand what desperation brings about and instead of being a light of compassion, they choose to capitalize on the pain and suffering of the people. They know the said word of God, they understand the word, but they choose to use their wisdom in a manner that’s contrary to the said word.

The greatest leader we could ever hope to meet is the one within ourselves. The said leader would never intentionally lead us astray. So, I strongly suggest we begin to study the word ourselves. Study with the intent to not only properly understand but just as importantly, to become a living example of the said word as well. Because to correctly know and properly understand but not do what’s right, is worse than being totally clueless.

Thank you for taking the time and donating it to reading my words. I hope they offer you positive assistance.

“When our minds are wrapped up in the word of God, our spirits will elevate us to higher heights.”-Henery X (long)

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