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The Art Of Conversation

Are You The Creator Of Masterpieces Or Are You Just Finger Painting


Here’s my description of what defines a perfect conversation: While one person speaks respectfully and intelligently, another person is not only respectfully listens to what’s being said but is analyzing it as well, so their response will be intelligently relevant to what was heard.

Finger Painting

Here’s my description of what a perfect conversation isn’t: Cutting someone off midsentence to voice your displeasure for something that was said, which will only displease the speaker.

Recognition To Change The Condition

The differences between the two descriptions are like life and death, literally. So, how do we evolve from being rude to respectful in our verbal interaction with others? Well, we must first recognize we’re not speaking to others in the manner we desire to be spoken to. As that old saying goes, “the first step towards solving a problem is admitting there is one.” If we believe there’s nothing wrong, why would we consider trying to make something right?

Before we allow words to fall from our minds and flow out our mouths we should ask ourselves this simple question, would I appreciate what I’m thinking of saying. If the answer is no, like a guilty person on the witness stand, we should remain silent. We need not respond to everything that’s said, most times it’s best to listen because this is how we’ll discover what needs to be said.

It’s All About The Quality Of The Paint

The right words, delivered in the right tone, and at the right time will produce the desired result. A style such as this is not established overnight but over time, and thanks to a commitment to improving one's self. Seeing that words are the primary component in this very vital aspect of living life, it’s only logical that we reacquaint ourselves with the dictionary. Our primary focus should be on what someone has said defines words, the said definition will determine if certain words should be placed together. Remember, the primary objective should always be to bring about the desired result. Be it being deemed a worthy conversationalist or saying what needs to be said to acquire gainful employment, we must understand the right words to say, how they should be said, and when they should be said.

In Conclusion

I’m going to leave you with a passage from my first self-published book, Positive Energy 24/7:

The art of….We could put any word at the end of this phrase, but what would it mean?

Art is whatever we create. Said creation is primarily created to attract attention. The greater the effort, the more attention it will attract.

Perfect practice makes perfect. We must be diligent with our practice if we expect our performance to be perfect. The more we do a thing, the better we become at doing said thing.

A true artist creates masterpieces because they are committed to their craft. Be it putting a ball through a basket or offering words of encouragement to someone going through a rough time, the desired result will be made manifest due to their commitment to consistency.

“Self-improvement is a lifelong journey, so, never become stagnant due to accomplishment.”

Thank you for taking the time and donating it to reading my words. May all you deserve and desire flow abundantly into your life like a river does into a sea.

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