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The 9 Keys' To Success

The 9 Keys' To Success

The number 9 represents completion. Once all 9 of the following necessities have been mastered, true success will be accomplished. 1. Unity 2. Correct Knowledge 3. Proper Understanding 4. Trust 5. Respect 6. Patience 7. Tolerance 8. Commitment 9. Love Break down of the order of things: Without Unity, bringing anything of significance to life doesn't stand a chance. Correct Knowledge is power, the more we know, the greater we can grow. Proper Understanding of our Correct Knowledge makes it relevant. Trust is a must and it's developed over time and through being about what we say and do. Respect comes about when we Trust those who have given us a reason to and who treat us, as they want to be treated. Patience is when we realize everything is a process and that nothing worthy of having will come easy or overnight. Tolerance is to realize we're all individuals and that the opinions of others are just that, their opinions. We can agree to disagree and keep it moving forward. Commitment means that we don't stray from the overall objective, which is success. Love is God and though He is last, it's simply because we have to overstand (no room for misunderstanding) the first 8, to truly appreciate the only One.

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