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Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Are You Grateful?

Grateful for another opportunity to live.

Optimistic I’ll accomplish my goals.

Doubt will not discourage me.

I’m determined to take full advantage of every second.

Sharing my good vibes will only enhance my joy.

Telling others about my dreams will push them closer towards fruition.

Helping when I’m needed will be done without hesitation.

Eager to listen when others need to be heard.

Giving without hidden agendas or expectations

Ready to invest time, effort, and money into the ideas of others.

Excited about the success of others.

Appreciative of every struggle meant to make me wiser.

Trusting the process will produce the promise.

Encouraged by the actions and deeds of all those who strive for excellence.

Struggle is ordained because it establishes the appropriate appreciation.

The truth of the matter is we’re all connected, thanks to the speck of spirit that animates us.

All the Glory be to The Most High for all I’m able to do, so I’m forever thankful.

I was asked to participate in this acrostic challenge on the Medium platform and by Thewriteyard, who I think was asked to participate by Agnes Laurens. I hope that it’s up to par, it’s my first ever attempt at such writing.

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