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Every Move That’s Made Should Be Meant To Elevate Us Higher

We’ve been here before.

Our mind is the key that opens up every door. 

Which leads us to a different dimension.

Of comprehension. 

What we once understood, we no longer understand.

Because we now have a different plan.

And we refuse to plant new seeds, in old land. 

Undying love and devotion.

For non-stop forward motion. 

Where we are, is only where we were supposed to be.

Until we saw what we were meant to see. 

Which will help us to understand what’s yet to come.

Where we’re genuinely from.

Is the sum. 

Of all that is, and, all that will ever be.

We’re the highest degree.

Of pure Energy. 

Made manifest.

To manifest.

Nothing less.

Then the very best. 

Which will be our footprint left behind.

As we’re redefined.

And absorbed by the next representatives’ minds’. 

It’s a perpetual cycle of systematic strategy.

Mental, spiritual, anatomy.

All meant to bring about self-mastery.

Everything has to begin with self; first, this way, we’ll know if it’s genuine when it’s coming from others, plus, we’ll understand precisely how to give what we desire to receive. How can we truly love someone if we don’t love ourselves? How can we genuinely respect someone if we don’t respect ourselves? Love and respect are established for self via our thoughts, we’ll always think of ways to keep ourselves out of harm’s way, not saying we’ll be successful all the time, but it’s our effort that matters most of all.

The more we do a thing, the better we become at doing said thing. Habits are formed by repetition, which, like everything, is established by thought. As we think, believe, and put forth the necessary effort, our desires become a reality. So, the more we remember to keep ourselves out of harm’s way, we’ll intentionally remain out of harm’s way, this is self-love and self-respect, it’s us wanting what’s best for ourselves. When we possess love and respect for ourselves, we can show it to others, but just as importantly, we can recognize when it’s not being shown to us. The recognization of a lack of love and respect will come in the form of a feeling; which we’re not used to experiencing. Feelings rarely lie; we just lie to ourselves about what they’re trying to tell us.

If people don’t want to love and respect us as they want to be, then we should politely leave their lives. Remember, self-love and self-respect is a state of mind, so maintaining a peaceful mind should be priority number one. Give what you get, but make sure that what you get is what you give.

Thank you for taking the time and donating it to reading my words. May your success continue to exceed your highest expectations.

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