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Rude Awakening

The Universal Alarm Clock

More often than not we get what we give. So, why not give love, so we may receive love?~Henery X

Arrogance and ignorance are two dis-eases that leave our minds delusional. We begin to believe that since we’ve grown to understand certain things this makes us better than others. This belief will eventually cause us to become openly and secretively despised. The only cure for such a damaging malfunction is humility. Humility for the uppity is usually brought about by humiliation, a rude awakening that they’re not as high and mighty as they thought themselves to be.

Michale Kennedy was very sure of himself. When he went after something, he did so with the utmost confidence. So, he won more often than not. But his way of being had blinded his better judgment. You see, he was a loser when it came to common courtesy. As he was moving up the corporate ladder, he had no problem kicking others down. He saw nothing wrong with such behavior. He’d say, “We do what we gotta do to get ahead.”

The President of “World Corp” would be announcing his successor today. Seeing he had no heirs he decided one of his employees would be awarded the honor. There were many candidates, but only three had the strongest chance of becoming the future boss of the Fortune 500 company. One of the three was Michale Kennedy, who had no doubt he’d be selected. Not only was he the most ambitious, but he also had a good rapport with his boss, or so he thought.

“Well, you all know I’m not one to mince words,” The President said. He stood before the sea of seated employees, who all had their eyes and ears locked on him. “So, I’m going to get right to it. My decision was a no-brainer actually. Your new President is none other than — ”

Michale rose to his feet and began walking towards the President, but was stopped dead in his tracks by what he heard.

“Christina Cleverdon!”

Christina rose to her feet, face in hands, and began to walk towards the President. As she did so, she received a standing ovation from her peers, all but Michale that is to say. He stood in a state of shock. He thought to himself, “Not only did I lose, but I lost to a woman as well.” He had to know why this happened.

As Christina said a few words to her employees, most of which regarded her as a friend, Michale took the opportunity to speak with the former President.

“Charles, what gives!” Michale said.

“What are you referring to, Michale?” Charles said, he smiled afterward.

“You know damn well what I’m referring to, Charles!”

“Ahh yes, the transfer of power, which you were so sure was going to go your way.”


“My poor silly friend. You truly believed that I was going to leave the fate of this company in your hands? A man who cares about no one but himself. You know so much, yet you know nothing at all. I was hearing rumors of your way of being, but being the man I am, I don’t base my decisions on rumors. So, I decided to allow you to get close to me, so I could see firsthand how you operate. Need I continue, my friend?”

Michale dropped his head in silence.

“You would have made an excellent President, Michale, that is if you knew people, and not a person, helps a company to be successful. Your way of thinking is what brings companies to their knees. Now you’ll be made to learn from your selfish ways. Not one of your peers likes you, but they’ll all tolerate you for the sake of the company. But if you don’t change your ways fast, you’ll no longer be a part of World Corp. Because the new President, can’t stand you. One display of the old you, and it’ll be the last thing you show here. She said her first order of business would be to fire you, but I convinced her to give you a chance under her watch. It was my final act as the President. So, it’s all on you now buddy.”

Michale looked towards Christina and flashed a weak smile. Christina glanced at Michale, flashed him a blatant smirk, and then set her sights back upon the more cherished folks.

The moral of the story: Universal Law is the real deal. The energy we put out is the energy that’ll come back around, tenfold. All victories aren’t good, just as all losses aren’t bad. Now, due to humiliation, Michale will have to humble himself in the presence of his new boss if he expects to keep his old job.

Thank you for taking minutes of your precious time and donating them to acknowledging my offering. May our words continue to inspire others, and may we continue to be inspired by the words of others.

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