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Real Talk

A Poem

You’re a success in the flesh,

even at your worse, you’re simply the best.

Most times we can’t see what others can,

and this is due to us not being where they stand.

See, a different point of view,

can help us to realize what’s true.

So even if fear,

has you doubt what you hear,

trust the feeling that’s oh so clear.

Sheer delight,

it’s time to stop your fight,

of basking in your illuminating light.

Besides, I need your shine,

to help with enhancing mine,

because even though we’re different, our essence is one of a kind.

What you desire,

is the same fuel to my fire,

until we expire or retire,

let’s continue to lift one another higher.

So the world will see,

though you and I are individuals, we’re equal thanks to Unity.


A little something created to awaken or accelerate the greatness within.

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