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Practice The Art Of Giving

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

And Prepare To Be Delighted By The Masterpieces You Help Create

The greatest gift we could ever give anyone is our time. Time is only second to life as far as the most important things we’ll ever possess go because without life, everything else is irrelevant. What we invest our time in is an indication of what matters most to us at that very moment.

Why is time so vital you may be wondering. Well, once time has been spent, more can’t be made. What personal time we have, is all the time we’ll ever receive. So, it would be wise for us to invest every second into creating memorable moments. What are memorable moments? They are the moments when time is spent not worrying about where the time went. They are the moments we’ll cherish the most when those who we love, are no longer physically amongst us. And they are the moments that will lift us when all we wanted to do is remain down. In other words, memorable moments are what living life is all about.

Let’s begin to take minutes of our precious time and donate them to helping others enjoy their time that much more. Every day, verbally acknowledge every person you encounter and don’t focus on the non-compliance, remember, we’re all going through something. If you say something considerate, believe in your heart it was heard and well-received. Let’s volunteer to lend a helping hand where one is needed, and let the appreciation for our assistance be our reward.

When we donate our time to helping others it’s an amazing feeling that’s felt by all involved. To know that you helped someone for no other reason outside of the fact that you could, that’s being a blessing beyond measure. People remember those who do things they didn’t have to, the moments become memorable ones indeed. We all possess the power to heal the pain of loneliness, it’s called love. Giving of our time is love at its finest because remember, what we invest our time in is an indication of what matters most at that moment.

Thank you for taking minutes of your precious time and donating them to acknowledging my offering. May all we deserve and desire flow abundantly into our lives like a river does into a sea.

Your brother and servant,

Henery X aka @writepath247

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