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Perspectives Are Golden

For me, belief consists of logic and reason. Logic and reason make up the foundation that my beliefs stand atop. I understand that nothing happens without a specific purpose, so I begin to search within my mind for the most logical explanation as to why it happened. But what I have concluded has changed or has been enhanced, on numerous occasions. This occurred because I developed an “open mind,” shortly after I began my journey of higher learning.

Without an open mind, we’ll never honestly know if what we believe to be true, is in fact true. We need perspectives to weigh up against our conclusions, well at least I do. I love hearing other people’s perspectives on matters that matter most to me because this allows me the most significant opportunity, to reach a proper understanding.

Here’s an example of how something I once believed to be true was enhanced. This example is the primary example I use in my attempt to get the reason for this piece offering across: In the beginning: “Knowledge is Power and Understanding of said Knowledge, is Power defined.” Now: “Correct Knowledge is Power and Proper Understanding of Correct Knowledge, is Power defined.” Similar in wording, but totally different in meaning. The former is common and can be used to lead us astray. While the latter is more than likely to lead us, exactly where we desire to be.

All knowledge isn’t correct, so there’s no way the understanding can be right. If what we know isn't working in our favor, it’s either incorrect or our understanding of it is incorrect. Either or we’ll be left standing in the valley of confusion, wondering if what we desire is meant for us to have. Most times, we’ll have to get out of our own way, so that others can lead us to success.

Understanding brings about achievement, but first, we must know what it takes to understand. Knowledge is information. So, if I want to be a mechanic, I’ll need to do my research on the profession. In the process, it would be wise to examine the journeys of established mechanics. Their opinions will offer valuable insight, seeing that they have accomplished the goal I desire to achieve. There’s nothing wrong with relying on our own efforts to succeed, but our efforts should also include taking a peek into the lives of successful people as well. This move will not only allow us to use our time more efficiently but more importantly, it’ll bring us that much closer to achieving our goal.

So, in conclusion. Let logic and reason be your guiding force. Keep an open mind. And Live to Learn, so You may Learn to Live.

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