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Noteworthy Quotes From A Few Of My Favorite Characters

A unique way to express my point of view

The places my characters call home. Photo courtesy of the author, Henery X

Dialogue in my stories gives me another means to express myself.-Henery X

Noteworthy Quotes From A Few Of My Favorite Characters

2024, Henery X ©

I fell in love with creating quotes the second after I read a few by the legendary Les Brown. The appeal was how impactful a small group of words were in helping to change my thinking for the best.

Some quotes come from conversations, and in short stories, we refer to conversations as dialogue. As I stated in the quote above, “Dialogue in my stories gives me another means to express myself.”

I’ve read dialogue so good it made me desire to enhance my communication skills. This is when you know you’re dealing with a seasoned writer.

Below are quotes from some of my favorite characters and that I really love. I pray you enjoy them.

Child. When you see somebody still eating after the first taste of everything, you have your answer.-Dorothy Hilton-Anderson. She was speaking to her twelve-year-old granddaughter, who had just prepared her first meal for her instructor and asked how it was — twice. From the story, Grandmama’s Baby, and the book, I Lived A Dream.
Cutting hair is just half the story. The other half, and most important part, is how you treat your clients. Every person is different, but most appreciate people who make them feel good. You can be the best barber in the world, but if you possess a poor attitude, your skills will eventually be of little use to you. So, always treat each client with the utmost respect. Got it?-Melvin “Street Life” Bell. He was speaking to a twelve-year-old boy who asked him to teach him how to be a barber. From the story, A Cut Above, and the book, I Lived A Dream.
Sure, you have a chance, an extremely slim one, but a chance nonetheless. Nephew, you have an extraordinary game, and against virtually anyone else… I would bet my life on you winning in two… easy. But we’re talking about the man who taught the woman, who taught you the bulk of all you know. So, with this being common knowledge to me, if I was to bet, my money would be on Melvin to win in a hard fought two.-Philip “Philly” King. He was speaking to his twenty-five-year-old nephew, who asked him who he would ride with in a best two out of three street basketball game against the father of his mentor. From my second book, It Was Destined… Urban Legend.
Be quiet Life. It’s time that I taught you a lesson. Sure, you are very important in the grand scheme of things. But you’re not, nor will you ever be, the most important. The title of most important I can’t even proclaim, and I possess more importance than all three of you combined.-Spirit. He was speaking to Life, who was attempting to convince Time and Living he was more important than both of them. From the story, Checkmate, and the book, The Gumbo: Food For Thought.
What you seek can be found in everything it took for you to be sitting before me.-Sheba Uplift. She was talking to a man who shared with her everything he did to hear her wisdom about what it takes to be successful. From the story, The Enlightened One, and the book, Far From Fiction.
They’re a part of you until you’ve changed your heart. And be mindful of this, you can’t fool the shoes. As they are a part of your feet, they are also a part of your heart. Once your heart has genuinely changed, they will lead you to the next owner, and the process will begin again.-Kevin Kennedy. He was talking to a once wealthy and selfish man, who laid down one night in his comfortable bed, and woke up the next day in a makeshift cardboard home, wearing a pair of unique brand new white sneakers. From the story, My Shoes, and the book, The Greatest Lits….
Beloved, what is it that you fear most, and that’s keeping you from shining as you should?-King Almighty. He was talking to a phenomenal poet, whose shy way of being was holding her back from being so much more. From the story, Every Moment Has Its Time, and the book, The Gumbo: Food For Thought.
Yessss. These are women we know and love. Women, who wanted something, and who didn’t stop, until they obtained it. Strong, independent women, who give us all hope. We are these women, and these women are us. So. As we pay homage to them, let us also pay homage to ourselves as well. Let’s give ourselves a round of applause. For being the beautiful, talented, strong, and independent women we are.-Linda “Jazzy” Johnson-Silver. She was praising the accomplishments of two women, while acknowledging the greatness of all the other women present as well. From my second book, It Was Destined… Urban Legend.
Right and exact, Teddy. Everything is going according to our plan. But it couldn’t have happened if just one person in this room hadn’t been involved. We all showed up and showed out. Seemingly complex problems have simple solutions when we stop focusing on the wrong things. Remove egos and pride and we can look past worry to see the life we were all destined to live.-Platinum Golden. He was talking to a man who works with him, as well as the rest of their co-workers, about the significant progress they had made working as one. From the story, Changing The Narrative, and from the book, Far From Fiction.
In the flesh, Jake. I present myself to people, and they make their choices. The funny thing about this, out of all the years of doing this, no one has ever wished for the ability to make better decisions. It’s always wishing that will make their situations worse.-Opportunity. He was talking to a man who was regretting a decision he made some time ago. From the story, Nothing In Life Is Free, and from the book, The Gumbo: Food For Thought.
Even after all the heartache and pain he caused his mother, she never stopped loving him as she had before it all. In her eyes, he would forever be that baby boy she held oh so long ago.-God. The wall of pure energy was speaking to a speck of itself, allowing it to see what it had helped its vessel accomplish before fulfilling its purpose. From the story, I Am, and from the forthcoming book, The Greatest Lits… Volume 2.
Well, let me give you my portion of understanding. After we pray, we’re expected to do what it takes, morally now, to get what we want. The first thing we need to do is believe. If we don’t believe, nothing will happen. After we believe now we need to come up with a plan, and part of that plan is to network with people. People are the ones who will help with our prayers becoming a reality. But if we have a poor attitude, we’ll block our potential blessings. No one wants to be in the presence of a person with a poor attitude.-Marvin Green. He was speaking with a young man who couldn’t give him an answer on what he thought prayer was about. From the story, Dropping Jewels, and from the forthcoming book, The Greatest Lits… Volume 2.
That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Here at Drop and Go Shipping, you’re going to receive wages where you’ll be able to live comfortably, as well as have enough to save for future entrepreneurship. But again, your success will depend on your actions. Meaning that you’ll need to do what’s expected of you, and if so, you’ll be able to create your own legacy. So, is everyone ready to get started?-Martin Dean. He was talking to new employees about what the purpose of a 9 to 5 was really about, which was information they had never received at any other place of business.

There you have it. A few of my favorite quotes, by a few of my favorite characters, and from a few of my many favorite stories.

Note: If you didn’t notice I love personifying words, especially ones that help emphasize my intention.

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my offering.

Remember. I’m not here to convince you to believe. I’m here to offer you something else to consider.

No strings attached, but our love kept us happily tied together-Henery X 

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