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Natural High

Free Flying (A Poem)

Sumera Rizwan asked me to write this adventure on a cloud the day before I decided to go on my reading/comment journey throughout Medium.

Hope you like it, Sumera Rizwan.

As I float atop a cloud,

high above the crowd,

the silence is so loud.

That I can hear myself think,

then in a blink.

Before my eyes magnificent images begin to appear,

ever so clear.

The moment is sheer ecstasy,

then all of a sudden, people on clouds appeared on either side of me.

And they began to say in unison, “welcome home,

you’ve just entered the zone,

where creativity will refuse to leave you alone.”

I smiled so bright,

that the Sun pulled out a pen and pad and began to write.

You know, to take a note,

it’s not considered plagiarism if it’s done before it’s wrote.

Anywho, I’m on cloud nine, now surrounded by the other eight,

success is our fate,

because it’s all love, zero hate,

but wait.

Listen to the birds sing,

and as they flap their wings,

I stand, jump, and decide to do the same thing,

and this is when I discovered I wasn’t in a dream.

I was living sky-high,

this is that high,

that you can’t buy,

this is that high,

I recommend that we all try.

I’m high off life, every second of it,

and I don’t like it; I love it,

and I place nothing else above it.

Come soar with me,

so I can show you what I see.

And so I can see what you show,

I want to understand all that you know,

let’s enhance one another’s glow.

As we float where we roam,

until our spirits finally float home,

from this zone,

gone, but we’ll be immortalized, thanks to creativity refusing to leave us alone.

I invite all those who happen to read these words to create your own “Natural High,” and tag me in the result. I’d love to read what all those below have to say. Just another way for us to bond.

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