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My Definition Of Compelling Content

Write to cause these type of effects and I’ll be a fan for life

Image created by the author, Henery X, and by using a collage app

My Definition Of Compelling Content

2024, Henery X

Before I wrote one word from a creative standpoint, I created a blueprint for how I’d do it. The goal was to create a way of writing that would offer something to everyone who reads my words. So, I asked myself what are the things all humans need at some point and time and daily. I concluded it was to be encouraged, enlightened, and entertained. And with that, not only did I give birth to my way of writing, but I also established why I would read, which was just as important.

So, my definition of compelling content is offerings that encourage, enlighten, and entertain me.


Throughout the day, we’ll need to be encouraged. Encouraging words have been responsible for changing the minds of a multitude. So many people were on the verge of giving up, but they read or heard something that ended up being like fuel to their fire. For me, encouragement is only second to word of mouth in supporting others.

Once upon a time, I thought of giving up on something I wanted like nothing else known. But the encouraging words of a loved one helped me to change my mind and to never think this way again.-Henery X


I’m sure we’ve all heard of that old saying, “The more we know, the more we grow.” Well, I agree with this in part. If I would have written it in my current state of thinking, it would read as follows, “The more we know correctly, the more we grow.” 

All knowledge doesn't have the intention to help us grow, but to keep us stagnant and in the dark. Sometimes people intentionally do this, while other times they do it because it's all they know and believe to be true. We can only share what we have, and some of what we have just isn’t correct. Not knowing what’s correct isn’t anything to be ashamed of. We’ve all been here in our lives, just as some of us are still here, even though we believe we are not. Misinformation is passed down like an inheritance from generation to generation, and until someone breaks the cycle. Someone eventually breaks the cycle by not only questioning the thinking of old, but just as important, changing it as well.

Reading about the lives of others can help us understand our own lives better. One reason I read is so I can eventually establish utter clarity. The perspectives and opinions of others are like bars of gold to me.

Years of generational deception. Had me committing acts based on a misconception. So, how could I truly be to blame? When I didn’t even know my family’s real last name. Let alone the rules of the game.


The ways of this world we live in have us doing our best to safeguard our peace of mind, so we can maintain our sanity. With this being the case, we all need a temporary means to escape, more often than not. And what better way to get away than between the pages of an excellent novel? Reading the words that derived from the realm of someone’s imagination can help us deal with what awaits us when we return accordingly. The same holds true for a great movie or television series. Or what about retiring to our favorite private sanctuary and listening to some pleasant music? We don’t always need to spend money to get away from somewhere we don’t care to be, but getting away for however long we can is a must if we expect to remain sane in this insane world.

The pen: “Without me, you’d still be a part of a tree or in someone’s lumberyard.”
The paper: “Oh yeah. Well, without me, where would you be exactly? Somewhere gathering dust, no doubt.”

There you have it. My definition of compelling content, as well as how I apply the definition to my daily way of being.

Image created by the author, Henery X, and by using a collage and Bitmoji app

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my offering.

Remember. I’m not here to convince you to believe. I’m here to offer you something else to


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