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Motivational Moment

A Poem

You have good, better, and best,

if you’re out to be two steps ahead of all the rest,

originality has to be apart of everything you make manifest.

I know it sounds easier said than done,

but it’s made simple when you decide to roam where creative is known to run.

I’m referring to the realm of imagination,

I visit mine every day as if it’s my full-time occupation.

Here, sights and sounds,

are so profound,

but you have to be willing to chase them down,

and be forewarned, they’re always running towards higher ground.

This is so when they're finally apprehended,

you’ll be transcended.

To the highest height,

a light,

shining bright,

in the darkest of night.

Please believe,

you can achieve,

every thought your mind can conceive.

So, begin to believe that you are greater than the day before,

until you know of days never more,

because you weren’t just meant to fly, but soar.

As well,

ensure you’re always the star in every story you tell,

to the youth, who look towards you with the intent to be in a position to never fell,

to constantly excel,

beyond every success story they tell.

Thank you for taking the time and donating it to reading my words. I hope they’ll be of assistance during your current or future endeavors.

“When we respect the process, the progress will produce the promise.”-Henery X (long)

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