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Motivational Coach

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

I Can Be Your Motivational Coach/ Don't Be Afraid, I Encourage You To Approach. Now, Let's Get Started/By Saying To Fear, You And I Are Officially Departed. If You Think You Can, Then You Know You Can/ Now It's Time To Understand/How To Create And Execute A Full Proof Plan. Never Doubt/ What You Think About.  Be One Hundred Percent Sure/ That Your Desire Is Pure. See What It Is That You Want, Right Before Your Very Eyes/ Because It's Right There, Reality Is Such A Clever Disguise. But Imagination/ Is Far From Exaggeration/ It's Just That Expectation/ Is On An All Expense Paid Vacation. But You Can End That Trip/ By Jumping On The Next Ship. Coming In/ How Can You Lose, When You Were Born To Win. I'm Your Motivational Coach, Now Get In The Game/And Make Sure Before It's Said And Done The Whole World Will. Know. Your. Name.

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