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More Than A Woman

Updated: Mar 5

"What can you really do, you're just a woman," Steven West said in a worried manner, his facial expressions matched his response, "No offense intended, Stel'." He stared out the picture window of his spacious office, located in one of the numerous high-rise office buildings in downtown Detroit. The short, heavyset man with the receding hairline was well dressed. The fifty-year-old was the vice-president of Godly Enterprise, which was a company that specialized in all means of global shipping.

Stella stopped and glanced over her shoulder, "No offense taken, Steven. When we lack the correct knowledge of something, we always draw the wrong conclusion. My spirit makes me more than a woman and my abilities...make me the only person that's needed." Thirty-year-old Stella Godly said she was tall, dark, and drop-dead gorgeous. She wore her dreadlocked hair in a stylish crown shape, without question she looked like the queen she thought herself to be. A designer dress concealed her six-foot, hundred and seventy-pound frame, and high heels were on her feet, both displaying she was a woman of impeccable taste. She was the president of Godly Enterprise, which she founded when she was only twenty-years-old. So, not only was she beautiful, but she was highly intelligent as well.

Steven turned away from the window and now faced Stella's back. "I know you're good Stel', hell...freaking phenomenal actually. But up to this point you've only dealt with the minor portions of this major problem, Stratosphere is a force to be reckoned with."

Stella turned to face Steven, "Granted Steven, but I've defeated every aspect of said portion. So, with this being the case, doing likewise pertaining to the force to be reckoned with...isn't an impossible task at all."

"I absolutely love your way of thinking Stel' and for all our sakes, I pray that you do defeat him."

"You and I both, Steven." Stella turned back towards the door, turned the knob, and then walked out, on her way to do what she did best.

Stella knew her mission, just like she knew it wasn't going to be an easy one. Hell, none of her missions have ever been easy, but none were as intense as the one she was about to take on. She thought to herself, 'as long as I never doubt in what I was enlightened to understand, it won't be as hard as it could be.' She was enlightened by one of the best, to be the best. Fear was something she had long since cleansed her mind of, thanks to the said enlightenment, which also established within her unwavering confidence.

"I'm more than a woman," Stella said aloud, and as she now stood before the elevators,

"I'm also a weapon. One that's capable of destroying anything that gets in my way. What can I do, Steven? Well, you and everyone else are about to find out," she chuckled as she entered the elevator, focused...and absolutely ready to deal with whatever may come.

Stella has always had an infatuation with wanting to know and understand, her curiosity was never satisfied. This obsession led her to graduate from the prestigious Morehouse College at seventeen, an accomplishment that impressed everyone, except for her that is. She understood her level of intellect, but what she didn't know...was all else there was to know and understand. She understood that no amount of time could ever allow her to know and understand everything, but with the time she had, she was determined to acquire as much wisdom as she possibly could. On her sixteenth birthday, her journey would take on a whole new meaning. It was at this time that her need to know and understand...would be taken to the level of utter astoundment.

During her elaborate sweet sixteen birthday party, which was made possible thanks to her loving parents, Stella met Wizard Worldy. Wizard was a tall, dark, and handsome man with long dreadlocks and a well-groomed full beard. Forty-one-year-old Wizard introduced himself to Stella, who was instantly attracted to him. But it wasn't a sexual attraction, it was one of a need to know nature. She literally felt that he had so much to teach her, despite the fact that this was her first time ever seeing him. Before Wizard left he gave Stella a platinum chain and charm, as well as his cellphone number. The charm on the chain was that of a heart-shaped locket, engraved on the inside of said charm were the words..."More Than A Woman."

With her curiosity in overdrive all that night, the next day Stella quickly called Wizard. They mutually agreed to meet at a popular coffee shop in downtown Detroit and it was here that she began to realize, things she never imagined. The more the handsome mystery man spoke, the more she wanted to hear him speak. There was never any doubt in Stella's mind that she was special, but she had no idea she was as special as Wizard was proclaiming. What truly blew her mind was when he told her she was born to save the world, not a person or people in the world, but the entire world itself.

The following week young Stella began the process of understanding what she had no idea she already knew. Wizard informed her that we're all born with the knowledge within us, we just need it to be activated via experience. He would go on to tell her that experience is the key to understanding, which she agreed with, thanks to her level of understanding up to that point. He told her that we possess the ability to control things on the Earth, seeing that we, like them, are of the Earth. This part she found hard to believe, that is, until he moved a table and chair using nothing but his mind. He told her that if it's of the Earth, it can be manipulated by the Earth. The Earth was created to provide us with a means to produce and to be productive, this is its sole purpose. What we produce from the Earth is due to the Spirit, logic, and reason. We are in control of all we produce, so all we produce is controlled by us, and can be controlled by others as well. When we're in our right frame of mind, our mind can totally control all things produced on this Earth.  He told her that mind reading was made possible due to a lack of focus. When we lose focus our thinking is no longer safeguarded, at this moment those who are focused can literally see what we're thinking as if they were clearly hearing us saying it. On this day, Stella was officially obsessed with Wizard.

At eighteen, Stella was bad...in a good way. She was a diligent student and Wizard, was a well-enlightened teacher. He reintroduced her to herself, she now understood the power outside of her, was also the same power within her. It was the perfect unison of mind and Spirit that left her doing things she never imagined anyone doing...let alone herself. She was also enlightened on various means of hand-to-hand combat, which was something she rarely needed to use, but when she had, she ensured her adversaries would never forget the experience.

Stella's early missions involved battling and beating the countless underlings of Stratosphere Goodman, who was just as enlightened as she was, if not more so. But the difference between the two was their destines. Hers was to save the world, while he was out to have it, and everything on it, at his mercy. Though the two have never met, they knew of one another quite well. They were connected in more ways than one and the said connection would eventually lead to an inevitable encounter, one in which an irrefutable understanding would be established.

Stella was driving down a very energetic Woodward Avenue in her 2019 black and chrome Hummer, she had the smooth sounds of "I Can't Stop Loving You," by Kem playing at a moderate tone. She simply loved his voice, his music was what she always listened to before every mission. Her cellphone began to vibrate atop the passenger seat. She reached over with her right hand and touched the large touch screen, seconds later Kem's smooth voice was replaced by Wizard's equally admired one.

"Hey, Stel'," Wizard said smoothly.

"Hey, Wiz'," the excitement in Stella's voice was undeniable. She absolutely loved Wizard, but in a big brother kind of way. "How are you?"

"No concerns you're not already aware of."

"Speaking of which, is everything set up?"

Yes, everything's ago."

"So, do you really trust Stratosphere to be a man of his word?"

"I do, Stel'. Because despite the fact he doesn't care for me, he absolutely loves and respects his mother. He gave her his word that he would behave for now and to the best of my knowledge...his word has always been solid where she's concerned."

"How did we get to this point, Wiz'? You helping me to defeat your son."

"It's fate, Stel'. I and Nature did what we shouldn't have...we fell in love. We both had missions to accomplish. Hers to enlighten me and mine...to enlighten you. The goal was to have you become the savior you were born to be but during the process of my enlightenment...me and Nature made love. The consequence was a son who would never love me and who Nature...would be forced to enlighten on how to defeat you. You see, we understood that a great force was coming, but what we didn't know is that we'd be the producers of said force. If I attempted to build a bond with him I would have died, if Nature refused to enlighten him, she would have died. My absence made his heart grow cold, his hatred for me is the primary reason for his rage against the world."

"Wow. Every time I hear that story it just breaks my heart. I truly feel bad for you and Nature. It's like, the Universe is so unfair," Stella said sadly.

"The Universe had nothing to do with it, Stel'. It gave us our assignments and we chose to go against them. Now, we must be held accountable for our actions."

"I hear you Wiz', but I still say it's unfair. I don't want to possibly have to murder your son."

"I would feel bad about that to Stel', but I'm partially responsible for the damage he has caused thus far. I feel terrible for the lives that were lost due to Stratosphere, lives that would still be amongst the living if it wasn't for what I and Nature chose to do. So, if he must die to ensure that others will live...so be it."

"So, where's the meeting?"

"His warehouse, on Gratiot Avenue. He's waiting there for you now."

"Alright. I'll see you shortly after I'm done with the meeting. Hopefully, I'll be delivering great news."

"Hopefully," Wizard said, his tone didn't sound hopeful. He discontinued their call.

It was hard for Stella not to have noticed the despair in Wizard's voice. She knew he loved his son, just as much as he despised his ways, ways...that were a direct result of his parents' disobedience to the Universe. They had two missions to produce one result, but in the process of fulfilling it...fell in love with one another. The said love became bigger than the overall objective and this was simply unacceptable behavior. They had to be made to utterly regret such a decision, so a child would be born that would not only tear them apart but would wreak havoc everywhere he appeared via his mother's enlightenment. Though it seemed unfair to Stella, to Wizard and Nature it was what they deserved. They knew that what they were thinking of doing was wrong and that the thought should have remained in their heads. But they willingly chose to act upon it and now...they were paying the price for having done so.

Stella made it to Stratosphere's warehouse and parked her Hummer next to his white and gold 2019 S560 Maybach. She got out of her vehicle and proceeded to walk towards the door of the warehouse. She felt his presence like she knew he felt hers. Once she got close to the door in question, it opened. She strutted through it like she owned the place. Though this would be her first time meeting the man that was responsible for so much death and destruction, she possessed absolutely no fear in doing so. She felt he was no more powerful than she was, in fact, she believed that being a woman gave her a slight advantage...this was more so just the woman within cheering her on.

"Well, well, well. We meet at last, Miss. Godly," Thirty-five-year-old Stratosphere Goodman said cheerfully. The tall, dark, and handsome man stood in the walkway of the well-stocked warehouse, impeccably dressed, and equally well-groomed.

Stella stopped about twenty feet in front of him, "Stratosphere," she said with a lot of attitude in her tone. She stood with her hands on her hips and had an expression on her beautiful face that displayed she was nothing to toy with.

"My, my. The photos I've seen of you pale in comparison to what I'm seeing in the flesh...very impressive. Very impressive indeed."

"Thanks," Stella said nonchalantly, "Anyway. Is there any chance of us walking away from here with a solution that doesn't involve us trying to kill one another sometime in the not-so-distant future?"

"Anything's possible, Miss. Godly. I see that my father has enlightened you well...I can't read your thoughts. Focused I see."

"Forever focused. I can say the same for your mother because I'm drawing a blank as well. Can we discuss peaceful resolutions now?"

"Alright, alright. Here's one off the top of my head. Marry me."

"Marry you?' Stella said in a bewildered manner, "Why in the hell would I even consider something so unthinkable?"

"I figure you'd rather be alive than dead, and as my wife...you'd surely live. But if you persist on being my adversary Miss. Godly, I assure you that you'll die."

"Well Stratosphere, we're all entitled to our opinions. But until proven to contain logic and reason, for me, that's all they are...opinions. I believe I'm going to live a long and prosperous life and that's not an opinion, but an actual fact. We've met. We've talked. And now I'm leaving. That is if you don't have any more reasonable peaceful resolutions. "

"I don't, Miss. Godly. You know the only reason you're leaving here without a fight is that I promised my mother I wouldn't, right?"

"I was informed."

"Until we meet again Miss. Godly, enjoy what time you have left. Because the next time I see, it'll be the last time in life...mark my words," Stratosphere displayed a sinister smile.

"Until we meet again, Stratosphere," Stella revealed a spectacular smile, turned, and proceeded to walk off just as she walked in...with a whole lot of attitude.

Stratosphere watched her until she was gone from his sight, "Such a waste. We would have made such a great couple," he chuckled, "Damn! She's delicious looking."

Stella and Wizard were in the living room of her apartment, which was located on the west side of Detroit. She informed him of her conversation with Stratosphere and he found the marriage proposal part of it to be very interesting.

"You truly believe that will work, Wiz'?" Stella said, she lounged on one end of a leather sectional sofa, while Wizard was on the opposite end.

"If all else fails...it won't hurt to try," Wizard said. He was six foot six and weighed a solid two hundred and fifty pounds of pure muscle. As always, he was dressed to impress. A man amongst men, his presence commanded attention and his pleasant disposition ensured he received it, as well as the utmost respect. Though he was sixty years old, he didn't look a day over forty-five.

"So, honestly Wiz'. Do you think I can really defeat Stratosphere?"

"I understand that you can, Stel'. The question is...do you?"

Stella took her eyes off Wizard and placed them on a huge picture window. As she stared at the dark star-filled sky, she was pondering the question she was just asked.

High noon. How appropriate. Stratosphere was always one for the dramatics. He had his mother contact his father, who in turn told Stella he wanted to meet her at Hart Plaza, in downtown Detroit. It seemed like any other day but looks can be deceiving and in this case, this was the absolute truth. This was the day that the fate of the world would be determined, right in the heart of the Motor City. Either there would be normality of chaos or chaos so out of control, that non-violent citizens would be forced to engage in savagery or outright perish because of it.

Countless people were in highrise office buildings that offered a bird's eye view of Stella and Stratosphere, who stood in the center of Hart Plaza. All the local news outlets were on hand and were recording the event live, so the entire world would soon realize its fate. Wizard and Nature stood side by side in an office that only consisted of just them, both had all kinds of thoughts running through their minds.

"Beloved, I wished that it didn't have to be like this," Seventy-year-old Nature Goodman said softly. The tall, sleek, gorgeous African American woman with long dreadlocks was dressed in African-inspired attire.

"You and I both, my love," Wizard said somberly, "But a price must be paid for our actions."

"Agreed. I just wish that it didn't have to be this steep. I don't want to possibly lose our son, despite the fact he's a monster."

"Nor do I, Nature. But for me, he was lost the moment you gave birth to him. I was granted permission to see him that first day, as I was granted permission to see him now....with you by my side. He resents me for not being around, even though he understands that it wasn't by choice."

"I tried explaining the situation to him Wiz', but he wasn't trying to hear it. How he feels for you, is the primary reason why he's so cold-hearted. Our one night of pleasure resulted in a lifetime of pain," Nature began to cry.

Wizard placed his arm around Nature's neck and she laid her head on his chest. They, like everyone else, watched as the battle for the fate of the planet began.

Stella was dressed in a black catsuit and matching sneakers, she didn't want to give her opponent an opportunity to snatch her up with ease due to loose-fitting clothing, plus she wanted to be able to move around with precise precision. Stratosphere, on the other hand, showed up as if he was about to walk down a runway. This was his way, cocky and arrogant. He felt he didn't need to dress down for someone he regarded as inferior, regardless of how enlightened she was, being a woman made him feel as if she could never be his equal.

An hour had passed and all the two gifted ones managed to do was damage a lot of city property, as well as people's transportation. Stratosphere would mentally throw an SUV at Stella, who would mentally wave it away. She would mentally hurl slabs of concrete at him and he would mentally brush them to the side. Back and forth they went, a vehicle here, a portion of a building there. But then...

"I see that we're evenly matched from the mental perspective, Miss Godly. I must say, I'm quite impressed, as well as surprised. I guess we're going to have to settle our differences from the physical standpoint."

"Works for me," Stella said. She proceeded to run towards Stratosphere, who did likewise.

The dance began. They both were throwing a number of strategic punches, which were accompanied by equally impressive kicks, but nothing was hitting its intended marks, thanks to well-timed blocks and ducks. They both were displaying that they had been enlightened well. But then Stella caught Stratosphere with a well-timed powerful right hook to his jaw, which was quickly followed by a left uppercut to his chin and another right hook to his jaw. He fell to the ground, down, but not out. Stella quickly moved in with the intent of finishing him off, but he mentally raised the concrete between them, stopping her momentum momentarily. Stella mentally brushed said concrete to the side, but he was now back on his feet.

"I haven't been knocked down since I was twelve, and I've never seen my own blood," Stratosphere said, he was staring at the blood on his hand from his bit tongue. "You'll regret what you just did, Miss Godly," he rubbed his stinging jaw and chin.

"Your blood only lets me know that you're not as special as you think yourself to be, Stratosphere," Stella said with confidence.

Stratosphere removed his jacket and tossed it to the ground. He ran up on Stella and began throwing a flurry of punches, which was a distraction from what he really had planned. His offense attack left her no other choice but to be defensive, she'd never seen anyone move their hands this quickly before. As she was doing her best to avoid being hit in the face by the never-ending punches, she was kicked in the stomach with so much force that she doubled over and was struggling to breathe. Stratosphere then moved in and caught her on the chin with a right uppercut that was so powerful, it literally lifted Stella off her feet. As she laid on her back, dazed, but not confused, he walked upon her. She tried to get up, but the blow was a tad bit too much for her to recuperate from that easily.

"Valent effort, Miss Godly. But alas, it's time that I bid you a fond farewell," Stratosphere dropped down to his knees, with either on the side of Stella's thighs. As he displayed his sinister smile, he pulled a dagger from the small of his back. Stella was doing her best to will the said dagger out of his hand, but his will to continue holding it was much stronger. "Goodbye, Miss. God..."