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Mental Mentors’

Influenced From Afar

Imagine being influenced by people you’ve never met, to do something you never imagined doing. Well, this was the case with me, authors, and writing.

My writing journey began with me as a dedicated reader, I read whatever I could get my hands on. To date, I’ve read well over three hundred (300) books. The majority of the books I’ve read were lengthy, but I still managed to read them all in under five (5) days. I was addicted to the way the authors had combined the right words to not only captivate my attention but change my way of thinking as well. It would be the said authors’ way with words that would leave me longing to write, a desire that would soon overtake my entire thought process.

Though I was influenced by some great motivators, in the beginning, I was writing to see what people thought of my style. I wasn’t concerned if my words were helpful to others, my intent was purely selfish, that is until I came across the right writers’.

Iyanla Vanzant, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Dr. Na’im Akbar, and Les Brown took me from selfish to selflessness. The way they used their words allowed me to understand words have phenomenal power, the type of power that can help transform lives for the better. Bits and pieces of each author mentioned are responsible for the way that I write, this is how I pay homage to them for helping me to see the light.

I was so influenced by the wisdom of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer that one of his many quotes was going to grace the cover of my second self-published book, that is until I was made aware of Les Brown, whose way with words inspired me to start writing my inspirational quotes, which would make up the first chapter of my first self-published book. Iyanla Vanzant’s book, Acts of Faith, left a lasting impression on me that was so strong, for an entire year I formated my social media post and content in the manner she did in the said book. The Autobiography of Malcolm X, by Alex Haley, started me on the path to self-discovery but it would be Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery, by Dr. Na’im Akbar, that would ensure I’d never strayed from the said path. Because of these remarkable writers, and countless others, I discovered writing is my purpose. I realized that living life isn’t just about making sure I’m alright but just as importantly, ensuring others are alright as well. A connection that was made possible by words only, words that possessed the power to influence me to be better by doing better.

To all writers: Always write with a reader’s heart. In other words, always write what you love to read. Write what comes from your heart this way, it’ll be kind of hard for it not to be heartfelt. Never take the gift of writing for granted by not putting your all in every paragraph. We as writers’ owe the readers’ something worthwhile for the time they donate to read our words. And what’s more special than something meant to awaken or accelerate the greatness within?

Thank you for taking the time and donating it to read my words. I pray they assist you in a positive manner. All the Glory be to God.

“The purpose is what we’re most passionate about. It’s what we do better than all other things. It wakes us up early in the morning and keeps us up, late at night. It’s what we’d do even if we weren’t paid a penny. It will be performed seemingly effortlessly. And lastly, it’ll be centered around helping others to realize their purpose.”-Henery X (long)

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