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Melanated Moon

An Alliteration

A lack of self-love creates a false sense of need, which leaves us eager to accept far less than we deserve.-Henery X

Melanated Moon

2023, Henery X ©

Melanated Moon, you light up my life. You move as if motion was your mentor. I married you in my mind long before I maneuvered my way into your world. Mysterious at times, but it only makes me want you so much more. I’d travel a million miles just to spend one minute in your presence. Every word you speak is a part of the message meant to help manifest memorable moments. You’re magical, majestic, and mandatory. Without you, life would be like an endless maze of misery. You help me to maximize my gains, by showing me what I loss was meager at best. You’re merciful, when the ways of the world are merciless. You’re my means to maintain when other methods fail to motivate. The Goddess of war, helping me to battle the many moods I find myself in the middle of. Maybe I’m dreaming that you’re truly mine. And if so, I pray I never wake from this marvelous mystical masquerade.

It never ceases to amaze me what 26 letters have been, and continues to be, responsible for.

I mean, oceans upon oceans of content. Personally, I have created a river of words that flows freely into the sea of life. Minds are dying of thirst in the vast desert of deceit. So, I offer an endless supply of drinkable water in the form of wise words that are not only meant to help maintain life, but just as important, help awaken the desire to live as well. We were meant to do more than just swim in the pool of dependency and then drown in a mediocre puddle — penniless.

So many of us desire to be the next someone else instead of striving to be the best version of ourselves. We should cultivate the mindset that those we admire will someday feel the same way about us.-Henery X
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