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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

What's in a word? A deeper meaning:

M ature

E ducator

N urturing

T alent

O verlooked

R egularly

Maturity is a mindset, it's based on the choices we chose, derived from the thoughts we think. Age has absolutely nothing to do with maturity. It's all about the choices we chose, derived from the thoughts we think...period. A child could teach an adult, but if the adult decides not to believe this fact...this is a sign of immaturity.

Education is a result of our knowledge thus far, what we have acquired via studying, and from analyzing said studies. Now, just because we know something, doesn't necessarily make it so. Correct knowledge is information that has been thoroughly analyzed and concluded to be true, based on the desired result it produced. In other words, if our knowledge is working in our favor, we understand...what needs to be understood.

Nurturing is caring for the well-being of someone/something. It's having an overall best interest approach, a desire to see full potential displayed boldly. When we care a great deal for someone/something, there's literally nothing we wouldn't do to see that the desired result is made manifest. Think of a mother's love for her child/children.

Talent is discovered by trying new things, some we'll do well, while others...we'll do better. We tend to focus on the latter, which will eventually bring about a process of elimination. Soon they'll be only one talent we'll cater to, and it will be, more often than not...our purpose.

To overlook something usually means that we didn't see enough value in it, so, we concluded that it wasn't worth our time. But where we concluded that it wasn't worth our time, others prove that it was time well spent. Perception is in the eyes of the perceiver, we can all be looking at the same thing, and all see something totally different. Different perspectives are what make living life the most joyous because we all have an insatiable desire to know and understand...that which we do not.

We Regularly doubt in a lot of things, primarily ourselves. This fact is based on a number of factors, but the number one reason is a lack of proper understanding. When we properly understand that we possess the power to change the ways of this world, we'll begin to move in a manner that will reflect this fact...on a regular basis.

People verbally claim to love us on a daily basis, but words mean absolutely nothing if they're not backed up with action. My words are my actions, they show, without a shadow of a doubt...that the love is really real 4real. I genuinely desire to see us all win, and not just because it's enough winning to go around, but more importantly...because it's the right thought to think as well.

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Susan Hendrix
03 ago 2019

Thank you, for sharing your gift with the world.

Me gusta
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