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Looking Past 2019 With 2020 Vision

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Can you see yourself happy?

Can you see yourself living stress-free?

Can you see yourself loving yourself unconditionally?

Can you see yourself building meaningful relationships with awesome people?

Can you see yourself running your own business?

Can you just see an entirely different you?

If the answer is yes to all the questions above, welcome to the year 2020. Here vision is ever so clear because the mind’s eye has been corrected thanks to 2019. All that was seen in 2019 was meant to help us see better in 2020. If your thoughts are not clearer due to 2019, then you won’t see too good in 2020, because you’ll still be looking at things as if it's still 2019.

The past is meant to help us maneuver throughout the present better; so that our future will be as bright as it can be. The successes and failures of 2019 came and went, but what they all left behind were important lessons. The lessons were that things can get done and those that didn’t, weren’t meant to. 

We should never dwell in the past, but we should always use it as a reminder that we won and lost, and through it all, we kept it moving forward. Life is about nonstop forward motion, as long as we have a breath to breathe we’re expected to keep it moving forward. It’s never about what we have done, it’s always about what we continue to do. 

Every accomplishment is like a step to a staircase, allowing us to climb higher so that our vision will become clearer. Never become satisfied, because satisfaction is the first step towards stagnation, and stagnation, is likened to death. In 2020, the motto is… “Making Forward Motion Is The Only Move That Matters.”

May all you deserve and desire flow abundantly into your life like a rive does into a sea.  

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1 Comment

Jan 15, 2020

Happy Blessed 2020!!🎊 I feel this piece to my very core. The questions you asked give One reason to reflect and sincerely and answer. It's awesome to read words of inspiration that align with your vision. Greatly appreciated!!

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