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Life Is A Series Of Moves And Countermoves

The thoughts of a free thinker

I said, “Check.” She said, “Mate.” And we both walked away wiser than before our encounter.-Henery X

Life Is A Series Of Moves And Countermoves

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Life is a series of moves and countermoves. So, to ensure we make the best decisions, we should study our moves before we make them. I’m going to dive deeper into this, but before I do, I’m going to offer two simple examples that apply to this topic.

Example One

The move: I enter a restaurant, sit down in a booth, pick up a menu, and scan the options.

The countermove: A waitress comes over and, after pleasantries have concluded, she asks am I ready to order? She writes down everything I request and then takes the ordering slip over to the cook, who will prepare my food. Eventually my meal will be served and I’ll consume it.

Example two:

The move: I share snippets of specific portions of my book on my social media pages because I not only want to attract attention to the book, but just as important, I want people to be interested in purchasing it as well.

The countermove: The interest of several people is beyond piqued and they purchased the book. During and after reading the book, they feel compelled to tell others not only about how they loved the book, but that it would be in their best interest to purchase it themselves.

Now, let’s return to the reason we should study our moves before making them.

Thinking about how we’re going to make an idea tangible is good but, it’s not the best course of action. Why? Well, there’s only so much our overactive mind is going to remember. Therefore, we should write our thoughts down as they come to us. When we write our thoughts, we don’t need to worry about forgetting them, and just as important, if not more so, we can now study them.

To be able to study our thoughts gives us the best chance to make the most productive decisions. During this process, we’ll be able to determine if these thoughts will work or if something needs to be upgraded or totally disregarded.

In my humble opinion, there’s nothing like the ability to analyze our moves before we make them, and we can only do this if we write them down. Now, this doesn’t mean every move, but the ones that will cause a significant outcome. Like, should we quit our jobs and begin our journeys of becoming our boss? Here we can write out the pros and cons and really see what will be the best course of action. We should never make a move like this hastily, instead we should carefully calculate our actions.

The only thing that can challenge the feeling of being able to read our own thoughts is the feeling we get when we read the thoughts of others.-Henery X

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my offering.

Remember. I’m not here to convince you to believe. I’m here to offer you something else to consider.

May we never lose our desire to outdo what we’ve already done.

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